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The Lone Voice

Not very many pepole care about Siberia. I remember my father told me to take off the poster describing women as they age. The poster, I remember said that when a woman is old she is like Siberia and no one wants to go there. At that time I really did not understand why my father could not let me have some hot poster comparing woman sexuality to Persia and Siberia.

15 years have passed since then and now I know people who worked in Siberia. Actually, I just met one last evening. His lone voice guided him to take the call. My father’s lesson felt rash that time, but now I think I have come a full circle. I heard my lone voice too. Just like Serbia, they had not even heard of Romania, when I came here. Will you believe it, some friends back home looked down on what they thought was a non - descript Eastern European mafia nation. Many disuaded me from taking the step.

Well! I am happy I took it. Today, the lone voice which guided me then keeps me ahead of times. The same lone voice could help me see exciting things about the nation, like the football team, great culture, english speaking young population, a bigger consumption market than Hungary and Czech put together, warm people and above all a currency called RON.

It was this RON that we studied in NOV 05 and said this in our report - Despite central bank interferences, we expect RON to test 3.0 levels before any pullbacks. This is a strengthening of about 14% from current levels. This is about 10% more than expected Dollar strengthening against Euro. This positivity will rub on the local stock markets, as it remains attractive viz a viz its western counterparts. As we mentioned prior, all this turns out to be a benefit for consumers who borrow in Euro and save in RON.

The lone voice did it again. After 13 months Bloomberg came with this news on Dec 11. 2006 - Romania’s leu surpassed all European currencies to become the world’s best performer this year and is poised for more gains because foreign investment may double as the former communist dictatorship enters the European Union.

The lone voice always helps. It helps us understand stories before anybody does.