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Scientific Paper Ideas

Tossing the TIME coin
The butterfly effect myth
The econophysics myth

General Ideas

(D) Decision making and TIME  - 17 JULY
Environment and TIME
Open source and TIME
Short History, Long Time

Statistical Paper Ideas

Long PE - Short Price and vice versa
Hedge Inefficiency
Pair ineffciency
Statistics and TIME
Beta Cycles
The time exponent
Why is nature exponential?
What is Time Indexing?
What is Randomness?
Growth vs. Value
Sunspot and TIME
What is a PAIR?
Correlations vs Cycles
Cycles vs Inefficiency
The power law in the Fibonacci sequence
Time vs APM

Technical Analysis Paper Ideas

Explaining the 13 Elliott Patters with Time Triads
How can TIME TRIADS explain inflation? History of inflation
How can TIME TRIADS explain interest rates? History of interest rates
Introducing time oscillators

Mathematical Paper Ideas

Patterns in Irrational numbers
The magic of Euler’s number
Simplifying Fractals - MSET and TIME
Recreating Cantor Set through Time Translation
The intertemporal choice (The story of John Rae)
Avogadro number