The Gold collapse

We have no intention of playing the FOOL’s game. As we know the fool’s game is fractalled. While we are talking, it’s happening at various degrees, somewhere on this planet, somebody is fooling somebody to make a gain.

How do we know? Gold is the classic example. The excitement to movement ratio for Gold is at a peak for the last two years. Rather it has moved higher. What the ratio means is that there is more excitement but less net movement on Gold prices and vice versa. We wrote about FOOL’s GOLD the first time in APR 2008. The fool’s gold has not been found as prices are still at 2008 level for the last 12 months.

What we are seeing is an extended test of patience. It will go up now is how the spin makes you believe it. “Now”. Gold is still all over the news.

“hedge your life against the crisis” ,“Buy Gold on Weakness”, “Buy Gold in 2009”, “”, “Why Buy Gold in 2009?”, “Gold conferences at London”, “Central Banks buy Gold”, “2/3 of the traders advise to buy Gold – Telegraph”.

The quarter also ended yesterday. This was the sixth quarter with no net movement. Not that we love to be contrarians, but excitement, intermarket trends, cycles suggest more of an impending collapse on Gold rather than otherwise. All move up remains ‘UP BUT TOPPING” for us. We don’t see many talking about the ‘GOLD COLLAPSE’. A Google search might take you to a 2005 story.

We review any positive expectation only above 1,000. Till then we wait for 900 to break. The latest WAVES.GOLD has carried ANTICIPATED and HAPPENED cases on TISCO, ZINC, ALCOA.

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  1. Bill Orrell says:

    When bankers have eventually cause world currencies to collapse they will turn their attention to gold. The value of gold will then plummet until its value is so low that it is almost worthless. Millionaires will become paupers and all world debts will vanish. Unemployment will be global and many people will starve. Crime from discontented populations will sharply increase.

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