Cycles of Entrepreneurship

I was at an entrepreneurship workshop conducted by Peter B. Zaboji. Peter was a professor at Insead and also a corporate restructuring expert. He turned around a loss making company with 10,000 people taking Tenovis to management case books. Peter’s aim was to implant the entrepreneurship fire in his audience and assist entrepreneurs with a road map towards private equity. Peter came with an elite list of speakers. Piroska Zoli (a silicon valley netpreneur) and Imre Hild (a financial innovator from Hungary) were two of the seven speakers.

Ideas and cases

Coming from an economic background I could relate more to Imre’s idea. He found an opportunity selling LARE (Life Annuity for Real Estate) to a selected Hungarian audience. LARE is now a part of OTP (Hungarian Bank). Imre saw the opportunity, a need for a financial instrument for war widows, who had no one to hand over their real estate assets and hence the need to commoditize it in their life. For a fixed annuity, the widows would sell their land to the bank. The idea pushed Imre in the list of successful financial innovators for the region.

Peter consistently emphasized on looking at the glass half full rather than the half empty highlighting the marketing genius of Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian entrepreneur. During his visit to Thailand in 1982 he discovered that Krating Daeng (a local drink) that helped to cure his jet lag. Red Bull was born.

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