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The gold exponential

Posted By Mukul PAL On May 13, 2010 @ 12:53 AM In 2012 and Beyond,Forecasts | 2 Comments


Exponentiality is associated with herding not with value. Exponentiality can be defined as rising inclination in prices, larger gains in smaller time which visually looks like a rocket headed into sky or a bottom less pit. A look at Gold prices suggests this positive exponentiality.

Exponential Function


Look at platinum in (1999-2008), look at zinc (2003-2006), look at Dow (1974 – 2007).  Just to make the case clearer we have juxtaposed Dow (1974-2007) with gold (1999-2010), they look similar. Now this is not the classic intermarket chart we see every day, as gold is considered an asset of bad times, while Dow is for good times. Gold is also known as the crisis commodity that prospers in tough times. So the important questions one can ask is are we in an ongoing crisis as rising gold prices suggest? Or are we looking at an ending crisis as exponentiality and topping of gold suggests?

If we look at the element of time gold has been rising for a record 10 years without a retracement more than 38.2%. The metal has not witnessed a fall bigger than 9 months in time. While the Dow price exponential structure (1974-2007) topped in Oct 2007 and crashed 50%. Building on the case, we have more of a topping case for gold here and an easing crisis rather than what seems to be out there.

Out there we have sovereign risk, euro under attack, more than 12 month old recovery and if we look at the sentiment indicator, all time historical highs on gold will generate bullish sentiment extremes . This means more of an exhausting, up but topping case than otherwise.  To understand gold further we also plotted the precious metals against Euro and Japanese Yen. The aim was to take out the dollar bias. Gold denominated in Euro and Yen both were at weekly momentum extremes. Gold in Yen was still below 1980’s high and Gold denominated in Euro was gapping in the Reuters 3000Xtra charts. Considering EURUSD has also gapped recently on daily data, we are not surprised that price gaps on gold euro are conspicuous.

A closer look at industrial metals also suggest down structures. How can industrial metals correct while gold and silver push higher? Is this not a non confirmation? Even now things don’t add up if you are expecting a primary (more than 9 months)degree crisis. Things add up, if we assume intermediate negativity on equity markets not heading into Q4 followed by a global recovery.  We will have to wait and see how the respective picture unfolds.

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