Ranking Social Mood

Quantifying social mood is the next step after Behavioral finance and Socionomic theory.

The last time we made a case in favor of football compared to baseball under the backdrop of Robert Prechter’s Socionomics, the study of human social behavior. Immediately after the post I was corrected by experts from Socionomics explaining why football was also a bullish sport like baseball.

These were their observations, “Mukul, we’re going to tentatively label Soccer, or Football, a bull market sport unless evidence shows otherwise. We first toyed with the idea that attendance figures of the World Cup might give us a clue as to determine if Soccer is a bull or bear market sport. The only correlation we found is that attendance size is relative to the host country. For example, attendance in England (1966) is much higher than Chile (1962). Next, we followed the history of soccer, from its primitive conception to the present and found that the game was allowed by authorities and official rules were adopted during bull markets. On the flip-side, England banned the sport during the bear market of 1314. But to make things more confusing, Queen Elizabeth I banned the sport in 1517, but it was not rigorously enforced. Soccer Stars: Pele is heralded as the best soccer player on the planet and his career was during the bull market from 1957-1971. There is physical contact in soccer but not to the same degree as compared to American football, Hockey or Rugby.”

You can read the complete article on Alrroya

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  1. Ashish says:

    Jim Rogers has turned bullish on sugar since last 2 weeks. Wondering if his source of information is Orpheus. :-)


  2. Delhomme was signed by the New Orleans Saints as an undrafted free agent back in 1997.

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