Redefining Intermarket Analysis

What is Victor Niederhoffer’s historical validation for naïve reasons?
When do fundamentalists and market technicians in consensus?
Are there things even consensus can’t solve?
How does divergence look explainable on a hidsignt basis?
What is the real challenge when it comes to market divergence?
Why do Elliotticians despite such sharpness in pattern recognition lack the command on intermarket picture?

“Elliotticians tag, ‘we are here’ by drawing a fractalled contour of a wave structure. They count it, label it and point ‘we are going here’ in 2012. Even Elliotticians despite such sharpness lack the command on intermarket picture. We decided to understand intermarket failure. We took 55 assets from the following asset classes; metals, energy, agro, bonds, currency, equity, and benchmarked all of them against ….”

Why does Murphy call the study intermarket analysis not intermarket cycles?
Are markets not supposed to do what they are doing?
Can intermarket failure be explained?

The latest time triads explains intermarket failures. You can download the report from the following links.

Time Triads, Time Fractals, Time Arbitrage, Performance Cycles are terms coined by Orpheus Research. Time Triads is our weekly market letter. The report covers various aspects on TIME patterns, TIME forecast, alternative research, emerging markets, behavioral finance, market fractals, econohistory, econostatistics, time cyclicality, investment psychology, socioeconomics, pop cultural trends, macro economics, interest rates, derivatives, money management, Intermarket trends etc.

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