Life and coastlines

Some problems span multi generations, Benoit Mandelbrot solved one such problem and earned himself a well deserving place in history, as the father of fractals.  Many of these mathematical structures and their descriptions go back to classical mathematics and mathematicians of the past like Cantor, Peano, Hilbert, Koch, Sierpinski, Julia, Hausdorff, but it was Mandelbrot who extended the early topology. Fractals solve the problem of how to organize complicated structure in an efficient way. Of course this was not what Peano and Hilbert were interested in almost 100 years ago. It was only after Mandelbrot’s work that the omnipresence of fractals became apparent.

Mandelbrot was a visionary in his ability to connect mathematics and patterns. He too like many other great thinkers worked on ideas of aggregation, simplification, order, efficiency rules, cyclicality in errors, interconnectedness of nature through geometrical structures. Mandelbrot illustrated that very simple formulas can generate objects that exhibit an extraordinary wealth of structure. His work encompasses mathematics, physics, economics and diverse other fields of physical and social sciences, music and art. He died on 14 Oct at the age of 85 after suffering from pancreatic cancer.

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