The Food Absolutist

The society promotes food absolutism as it is profitable business, and what’s profitable may not always be value driven.

Interest rate cycles suggest that everyone living today will come to see today as a time of great opportunities and not a crisis. The Time the interest rates hit zero (near zero), the start of a century long inflation. I have mentioned this prior that hyperinflation does not really mean Zimbabwean inflation, but it definitely means double digit interest rates as high as 20% in a few cases. We have lived through this historical time prior and we will live it again, mainly our children.

But what really concerns me with such a probable outlook is that how will the society feed itself? Food is at the heart of inflation. And if you thought food was expensive today, you really need to brace up for what can happen to you daily bread and butter tomorrow.

Everything is connected in time. So whether it will be the food prices blamed for inflation or otherwise, the net result is that food…

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