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INR Q4 Seasonality

Cyclists are also technicians, if we consider the fact that they are also looking for seasonality pattern in prices. As studying Time gathers momentum among chartists, Time studying techniques will evolve. One of the old methods to spot seasonality is just going there and spotting it.
Here we have illustrated the INR Q4 indicator. Q4 has been a strong inflexion time for INR. From 1990 till 2002, after every Q4 prices have seen primary year long weakness. This seasonality changed polarity from 2002 till 2008 (INR strengthening) and now from 2008 INR Q4 is in a seasonality of weakness. This Q4 inflexion has only failed twice in 20 years. We have assumed the neutral cases where INR was flat over the duration as correct.

What is the reason this weakness seasonality may persist?

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