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Alpha India EE - Technology stocks

Alpha is a daily strategy signal product that gives long only, short only, pair trading signals. Alpha is a numeric Ranking product based on TIME fractals. The signals are carried over minor (10-30 days) and intermediate (above 30 days) time frame. The signals are illustrated through tracker and running portfolios. Alpha can be used by fund managers for relative allocations, traders for leverage bets and high net worth clients for selective trades. This is a part of the time triads analytics developed by Orpheus Research.

Naked and/or pair strategies are not riskless strategies. Time arbitrage portfolio legs should be risk weighted before any implementation. Please mail us for a detailed working or consult a local financial risk manager to execute these pairs. For more details please subscribe to the Orpheus Research products.

Coverage India: BSE500 traded stocks and Indian Indices.

Michesan Anna-Maria, the columnist for the WAVES.INDIA weekly and Head of India Research. Anna discovered her interest of markets immediately after completing her graduate studies in Economics. She followed it up with post graduate studies in corporate finance. A host of research work in behavioral finance, option strategies and quantifying market sentiment followed. Anna covers Indian equity and combines Elliott, Time Fractals and Time Analytics to deliver accuracy across time frames. To review some of her work, check out the annual India accuracy report 2009.

The Intermarket Rieki

Confirmation and non confirmations are at the heart of technical analysis. Whether it’s the Dow Theory speaking about the confirmations between Dow Industrial and Transports as a tenet for a trend continuation or it’s an intermarket ratio line breaking a multiyear trendline, we are always seeking an evidence for continuation or reversal of a trend.

Pattern identification is a high skill and also at the heart of technical analysis, but there are a few published rules regarding the workability and backtested results of non confirmations. Non confirmations are as prone to failure as any other market pattern.  Times have changed. New age technicians should accept that market complexity has increased and the days of Joseph Granville confident fanfare forecasts may take a while to return. Accuracy needs more than visual skill today.

This is the reason …

This article is written for ATMA

Time Triads, Time Fractals, Time Arbitrage, Performance Cycles are terms coined by Orpheus Research. Time Triads is our weekly market letter. The report covers various aspects on TIME patterns, TIME forecast, alternative research, emerging markets, behavioral finance, market fractals, econohistory, econostatistics, time cyclicality, investment psychology, socioeconomics, pop cultural trends, macro economics, interest rates, derivatives, money management, Intermarket trends etc.