Long Abu Dhabi

Performance cyclicality places Abu Dhabi as a relative buy among global equity indices along with an outperforming outlook for energy assets and volatility.

I am going to make some relative forecasts with my long case on Abu Dhabi. The local index should outperform DOW and many other global equity indices over the first half of 2011. We will review our portfolio end of the current quarter.

The Orpheus idea of relative performance is linked with relative price performance rankings. The best performers are the ones that should underperform while the worst performers are the ones that should outperform in the time ahead. We are assuming a multi month investment horizon. Our idea is very simple, if volatility fell by 72% in 12 months and…

This article is written for Alrroya

Time Triads, Time Fractals, Time Arbitrage, Performance Cycles are terms coined by Orpheus Research. Time Triads is our weekly market letter. The report covers various aspects on TIME patterns, TIME forecast, alternative research, emerging markets, behavioral finance, market fractals, econohistory, econostatistics, time cyclicality, investment psychology, socioeconomics, pop cultural trends, macro economics, interest rates, derivatives, money management, Intermarket trends etc.

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