The Dollar Collapse?

Now that EURUSD has broken a primary true trendline and heads to next resistance at 1.5, the dollar collapse is in the news. From a sentiment point of view the fall in dollar is nearly 12 month old and EUR has strengthened 25% against dollar during this period. This is a good time for sentiment to get bearish on dollar. If we go back in Jun 2010, it was EUR collapse that was in the news. And street talk was about EUR Dollar Parity. Sentiment rolls over with time. Now 1.5 is a key resistance for EURUSD and respective levels should also mark a sentiment extreme against Dollar. Above this the EURUSD price structure from Jun 2010 low does not seem to be a five wave trended structure. It looks more like a 3 wave corrective counter trend.

From a cycle point of view the weekly UUP Dollar ETF Jiseki cycles (red, blue, grey) are bottoming and suggesting that Dollar is more likely to bottom against global currencies than otherwise. Whether it take a few weeks or another quarter more is hard to say now. But when the dollar will reverse, the move should be secular and a larger one than what we have seen on 12 month EUR strengthening. Dollar could strengthen for a few years. What it means for European Union and what it means for the world at large, is something sentiment can not understand or visualize now. Sentiment like everything follows time. When the cycle is up, sentiment is up and vice versa. After 1.5 EURUSD we review.

In this latest Alpha Global we have carried Short Commodity ETF DDP daily and weekly Jiseki cycles. On the daily cycles DDP shows signs of bottoming while on an Intermediate time frame the commodity secular trend remains down. This means that even of commodity on an aggregate basis might fall, the larger multi year trend on commodities is still up. Copper, Sugar, Silver, Cotton are the top ranked over a quarter and hence most likely to continue underperformance. While Wind, livestock, Wheat, Cocoa are the worst commodities, which are likely to outperform. US Equity worst rankers (which are best potential holds and outperformers) are EXC, ERS, RTN, WPO. On Forex rankings US Dollar is the worst and Australian Dollar and Swiss Franc are the top rankers suggesting some underperformance on Australian dollar and Swiss Franc. The report also carries an Alpha Global hedge Portfolio.


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2 Responses to “The Dollar Collapse?”

  1. Debi says:

    Do you still think Dollar is in 7 year Bull run? Eurozone has increased interest rate. Do you think still dollar will rise for 12 months from now.I doubt. Your call on Silver or Gold did not go well recently. I think sometimes things go more fundamentally than technically. We might get a quick dip in EUR .But I think ,Dollar rise against EUR will be limited to maximum 3 months.


  2. Orpheus says:

    Debi, I think you missed an earlier post on silver. We have mentioned extremes on silver in our last update.

    Even the above story mentioned that “Copper, Sugar, Silver, Cotton are the top ranked over a quarter and hence most likely to continue underperformance.” If you were on Reuters messaging you should have heard our call regarding Puts on Silver. Free blog updates have limited content.


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