The Vancouver Coffee


Buying a Barista or Starbucks coffee and anticipating price trends in coffee never works

Walking on Robson Street buying Tall Vanilla Latte for my sister from Starbucks, I kept wondering how much against the trend I was. I have a short coffee position and with the way Canadians and my sister love coffee, you can imagine my state of mind.

And that’s not all there are about 10 Starbucks here on the same street, two of them across the same crossroads. Wherever I go, whether to a book store or to the beach side, the coffee shops are everywhere. If it’s not Starbucks then it’s Blenz. It’s simply crazy.

The coffee store does not leave me. And I ignorantly and foolishly keep holding on to my Short Coffee trade. Hoping that finally the supports would cave in and…

This article was written for Business Standard

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2 Responses to “The Vancouver Coffee”

  1. Robert says:

    Hoping? Come on… you can do better than that:)

  2. Domnita says:

    In markets, hope is a bad word. I agree. I think it should be praying rather than hoping. Prayers work. Hope doesn’t.

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