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We have a new Entry signal on X. The structure is a consolidating corrective. Prices should stay above 65-70 and move to a new high above 100.

The portfolio risk metrics compares the relative outperformance of the India 30 ORMI vs. NIFTY 50 Our Index not only outperforms the universe (BSE500) but also with an inherent lower risk. The drawdown from peak analysis illustrates the resilience in ORMI construction. Our index shows not only a quicker recovery but also reduced drawdowns from peak. For example the Nifty fell 61% from Feb 2008 while ORMI fell 11%. And above this NIFTY has not yet recovered back above 2008 highs, while ORMI has moved beyond 2008 highs.

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Michesan Anna-Maria, discovered her interest of markets immediately after completing her graduate studies in Economics. She followed it up with post graduate studies in corporate finance. A host of research work in behavioral finance, option strategies and quantifying market sentiment followed. Anna covers Indian equity and combines Elliott, Time Fractals and Time Analytics to deliver accuracy across time frames.