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ALPHA INDIA - The Technology Special

Leave intra sector (non-correlated, negatively correlated sectors), the inter sector view between makes our divergence point amply clear. On an annual basis, between technology components the stocks diverged by 160%, 99% over a quarter, 79% over a month and if we take out more than 10% moves 14% in 5 days. These divergences are not just large, they are also frequent and suggest that inter market divergences are more than a steal. And the idea that a sector is outperforming may just confirm strength in the few major components but not every sector components. Even in a outperforming sector one could be unlucky to pick up and undeforming stock.

This is where our Jiseki Seasonal cycles come in. They identify outperformers from underperformers and generate buy and sell signals.

The positive - negative signal table has a sorting function with which you can sort for positive Jiseki, positive Jiseki and positive price signal and various other combinations. In the 21 components we have highlighted here in the Technology special; we have 5 total positives delivering 6 to 22% in a quarter. And we have 8 total negatives that have fallen between -6 to - 69%.

The latest ALPHA TECH special also carries a technical perspective on 4 of the total positive cases. HCL TECH our favorite, after the dilly dallying has finally broken out clearly above the 500 psychological level.

Enjoy the latest ALPHA with Jiseki cycles, Group Metrics, Fundamental plots and a host of other elements.

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Coverage India: CNX100, BSE500 traded stocks and Indian Indices.

Michesan Anna-Maria, discovered her interest of markets immediately after completing her graduate studies in Economics. She followed it up with post graduate studies in corporate finance. A host of research work in behavioral finance, option strategies and quantifying market sentiment followed. Anna covers Indian equity and combines Elliott, Time Fractals and Time Analytics to deliver accuracy across time frames.