Orpheus turns 7 :-)


We thank all our readers and members for great 7 years. We enjoyed every bit of it and are still enjoying. Orpheus is in Budapest this week for the upcoming 4 Oct Conference.

Orpheus Team

12 Responses to “Orpheus turns 7 :-)”

  1. pradeep says:


  2. Robert says:

    Happy birthday, Orpheus! And many more to come!

  3. Vlad says:

    La Multi Ani!!

    (Orpheus has the same birthday as Google :)

  4. Manoj Sharma says:

    Great Going…..!!!

    Six cute kids celebrating the beginning of Sixth Year.

    Wish you Great working ahead…!!!

  5. Carmen says:

    La Multi Ani si mult succes! :)

  6. pradeep says:

    “La Multi Ani!!” - means what? in which language?

  7. Adrian says:

    La Multi Ani, doar pe crestere!

  8. RAJENDRA says:

    many thanks for educating the followers and comprehend the markets in an unbiased and quantified manner.GREAT EVOLUTION OF 7 GREAT YEARS.

  9. sumit bhatia says:

    congrats .

  10. sumit bhatia says:

    will you put videos of the conference on you tube ?

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