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Financial Technologies - Double Bottom Jiseki

In this new ORMI India 30 we have done. We have updated the running portfolio and looked at a few running entries. Financial Technology looks very interesting with a double bottom breakout and Jiseki positive. Financial Technologies is a running portfolio component from 42 days and has delivered 17% till now.

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Indexing: The INDIA 30 Orpheus Risk Management Index (ORMI) is based on proprietary algorithm.

The indices values that are disseminated today are broadly based on market capitalization methodology. Market capitalization methodology has been challenged globally for a few broad reasons. 1) As an asset strengthens it is given more weight 2) As an asset weakens it is given lesser weight. This on one side captures momentum but on the other side suggests investors to focus more on growth compared to value. This increases portfolio risk when market growth slows down or reverses, as has been the case since 2007. When markets contract, the erstwhile top performers push into red for extended period of time causing large drawdowns and emotional pain.

The India 30 Index is based on the above extreme reversion idea i.e. outliers tend to reverse, which suggests that investing is about value picking and extremes are prone to reversion. Our Index extends and fine tunes the idea first mooted by De Bondt and Thaler in their 1981 paper suggesting that 3 year worst losers portfolio tends to outperform the 3 year best winners portfolio.

Coverage India: CNX100, BSE500 traded stocks and Indian Indices.


Ayushi has done her masters in economics from Delhi School of Economics and then completed her Post-Graduation in Finance from National Institute of Securities Markets. She completed her graduation in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College. A keen econometrician, Ayushi enjoys financial modeling and risk management.