EconoHistory - Data is a snowflake

Just for Indian BSE 500 stocks now. Enjoy and send us your observations. is an Orpheus CAPITALS initiative which uses data innovation to deliver the following features.

• Create a global database covering more than 30 global stock exchanges
• Rank Assets using proprietary algorithm
• Develop Data Visuals
• Generate Trade and Investment Signal Tables
• Produce Portfolio Management Tools
• Complete Generic Query and dynamic Queries
• Orpheus Risk Management Indices
• Sector and Intermarket Analysis
• Orpheus Research Reports
• Customization of portal include multiple dashboards

The ’data visual’ market

Though info-graphics have taken the visual information market to the next stage, current visual tools or web services are more illustrative than predictive. bridges the gap between big data, illustration and predictiveness. It addresses all data sets in a comprehensive fashion i.e. both capital and non-capital market while the competitors address capital markets, economic data, social data separately.

The capital market space also is poor in data visualizations and just includes price charts and generally not scatters diagrams, curves, three dimensional visualizations etc. Data visualization is an untapped market which can cater to and create a large global community. The following are a few services that address data visualizations in the non-capital market space.

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  1. sumit bhatia says:

    sir ,
    please put date in jiseki charts in dd/mm/yyyy format in econohistory site

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