The beautiful NIFTY

Do you see the beautiful NIFTY? The symmetrical form of the blue chip Index is raring to go higher. The Orpheus review levels modeled after conventional resistances and supports are expressing the Nifty intention. For the Orpheus review level framework 6,000 is not as important as 5,607 and 5,680. Nifty has taken a clear support at respective previous resistances. This suggests that the March reversal could be in. Till 5,680-5,600 holds expect Nifty and all Orpheus ORMI Indices to shoot up. We should see the cash levels going lower and ORMI 30 getting back into allocation.

Keep an alert eye on Orpheus Updates.

Review Levels. Keeping up with the tradition of automating technical patterns and levels, we have modeled resistance and supports based on previous intermediate multi week trend. To improve signal quality we have modeled review levels based on key resistance and support levels. An entry happens if the price is either above a key support or above a key resistance. The review levels are classified with different widths, the widest one is the most relevant, closer to price action and vice versa. We have identified some clear entry stocks.

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  1. Hi, Appreciate your finding as its common to my level however it is flashed quite lately when Nifty already moved up 300 points from the recent lows of 5663.6, how could one participated in the current 300 point rally????

    Check Out What we said on 27th Feb well in [email protected]

    Any Takers????


    Manish Bothra.

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