Yahoo, Rona, Marissa and Jiseki

More than 24 months back Rona told Orpheus to look at Yahoo. Rona as a fund manager and a technician always had a knack for value. She told us that “Yahoo is a good takeover candidate, something should soon happen with the stock”. Well talking about knack that was one hell of an intuition Rona. The same story has another intuition linked with it. The intuition of Marissa Mayer who took over Yahoo and now both the stock and Marissa are all over the place. While all these intuitions were happening the Yahoo stock was a worst negative outlier in less than 10% of the S&P 500 universe. And as we put it, a negative outlier would be either kicked out of the system (bought over) or extreme reversion will help it bounce back. Call it nature’s law, or news happening when they are supposed to happen, karmic retribution, but Jiseki Cycles were dot on once again. Jiseki gave a buy call as early as Nov 2011. The stock moved sideways almost for a year till Aug 2012 and is up around 100% from Jiseki buy signals. We are not undermining an intuitive call of a fund manager or a CEO, what we are suggesting here is that a negative outlier is already done with its worst and the only way beyond that worst stage is up. Jiseki did it again not before Rona, but definitely before Marissa.

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