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The Educational Web Series is a webcast seminar held at least 3 times a month featuring recognized industry professionals in a one hour long presentation – free to our membership! In the past, we’ve had such noted technicians as Martin Pring, Ned Davis, Dennis Gartman, Thomas Dorsey, Charles Kirkpatrick, CMT, and Ralph Acampora, CMT. From this page, you’ll get a glimpse of our immediate upcoming schedule and even have the opportunity to register yourself for one of these live webcasts.

5 Feb 2014

Momentum and Reversion

Momentum and Reversion are considered two different strategies, styles of investing. A few even believe that 25 years of research has failed to marry Momentum with Reversion. It’s the same way a few researchers feel about value and growth, or low or high beta etc. What if a framework could explain the divergence between M&R and how they can be redefined and understood? This could open up a new approach to signal identification and classification. The webcast will build a case for explaining M&R using Intermarket Analysis, Performance Cycles and other Behavioural Finance cases. The talk will showcase a new framework based on data universality and how M&R can be redefined, comprehended and applied for trading and investment.

Speaker Profile

Time is a social construct and we see time through the life and nature around us. Understanding Time could give a unifying theory to research of a few thousand years and also bring more than a conventional thought down. It’s a revolution. Mukul has written and spoken globally on the geometry of TIME, patterns, risk and investing; has a data innovation patent filed in his name; is an enthusiastic R data scientist and runs Orpheus Risk Management Indices, a global Indexing company. The company has built and manages the multi strategy and multi styled Indices. Mukul is the author of “Risk Management Indexing”, a book on the new Indexing approach. He is also a ranked author on the Social Science Research SSRN network. As a speaker he has been invited to speak at various platforms like the Bombay Stock Exchange, Prague Stock Exchange, Bucharest Stock Exchange, Market Technicians Association New York, Canadian Society of Technical Analysts, Saxo Bank, Thomson Reuters, TED, Princeton University, University of Chicago etc.

Register: http://www.mta.org/eweb/dynamicpage.aspx?webcode=educational-web-series


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