IBB Nasdaq Biotech up 100%


There are various ways to select a big sector winner. Any sector ETF investment which delivers more than 30% over 12 to 24 months can be considered a big winner. We can adopt various tools and techniques to do so; inter-market analysis, macro economic analysis; sentiment analysis or we can look at the RMI ETF Active 10.

The model selected the NASDAQ Biotech Index back in 13 April 2012. The sector is a big winner with 118% upmove since the point of entry. Now ofcourse we can ask how did the model manage to select the respective winner? How did it know? The RMI Active Indexing solutions use the best of momentum and reversion approach to select out of the globally top traded ETF. And IBB was not the only big winner. PJP Powershares Pharmaceutic was the other above 100% winning trade. Above this the model had more than 5 above 30% movers.

The universe contains North American ETFs, which is why we have benchmarked the group to a composite of TSX and S&P500. The benchmark delivered 12% annualized with a standard deviaion at 13%. The Active 10 ETF outperformed the benchmark delivering 14% annualized with a standard deviation at 12%.

Enjoy the latest RMI Active ETF.

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