RMI India Active 10 Feb

After you select the RMI model which fits your risk preference, the key question investors ask is “How should one come on model?” RMI Models are customizable for any risk preference and do not suffer from starting point bias. So it can be customized from wherever you begin. The RMI India Active 10 initiated in February has gone 70% invested. And considering the average holding period of any RMI Active 10 style for most global regions is around 200 days, we might just have our leading bullish signal for the Indian market pre-election. RMI Active is absolute capital conserving models which are designed to outperform their respective universe. RMI Active India 10 back-tested model has delivered 23% annualized at a 6% lower volatility than the respective top 100 India universe benchmark.

Enjoy the latest RMI Active India 10 February

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