I have been immensely benefitted by your deep insights and thoughts.
Ramesh Chordia, 31 Dec 2010

I am a follower of your work and I would like to thank you for sharing some of it, which helps my learning of the markets.
Robert B, 02 Sep 2010

We were exhilarated by Mukul’s presentation at Mumbai last weekend on Time.
ER Associates, 28 Aug 2010

Also, my compliments on your India newsletters. I wake up at 5.00 am everyday for work but Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best! Thank you for creating so so much clarity in your charts.
It’s just AMAZING how accurate you are!
SR, 18 May 2010

Well done Mukul a good piece and very interesting observation on “Trouble in the desert?”
Rona, Zurich

I am able to access the Intraday services on the website…truly it’s amazing. You guys rock.
Tariq - 18 Feb 2010

I have been practicing CA in Sawantwadi (Maharashtra State) since last 12 years. I got your article from business standard on 8 February I was really impressed by what you wrote in your article. I really want to study more on Orpheus.
Sushil Modak - 13 Feb 2010

Hi Mukul, follow your reports and articles religiously. Very insightful.
Vivek Bhat - 5 Feb 2010

Your concept of time triads et al made me think like why I shouldn’t be looking for a time high/low rather than a price one. I am not able to find any good literature on it. Please suggest something to read, be it general or analytical on importance of time or cycles so that i can improve timing.
Raghuram - 3 Feb 2010

I’ve been following your group’s articles for the past year or so and I’m very impressed with your approach and angle on things. There always seems be a deeper thinking going on that is not easily found in the world.
Bruce Powers - 3 Feb 2010

I have seen your articles on time triads and Orpheus and quite liked them. I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.
Ramgopal Kundurthi - 24 Jan 2010

I am an ardent fan of your analysis for quite sometime now.
Ramesh Chordia

I participated at seminars of technical analysis where you were the speaker. I have been in touch with your reports. I like your vision about financial markets
George - 22 Aug 2008

I have heard a lot about Orpheus. Having lost quite a fortune in the last 2 years, I have now given up doing it myself and would greatly appreciate your firm’s services.
A G - 1 May 2009

I read your article in smart Investor in Business standard and am intrigued by Fractal research and applied Chaos theory to Financial Markets.
Akrant Bhardwaj - 2 Jun 2009

Superb article (The Mystic Time)

Thanks for sharing your Gold view and everything I asked for. And a great call on Dow! Hats off!
15 Jun 2009

Your articles in Business Standard India are a popular vehicle, and I find your insights illuminating.
Saumil Gopani, India

I want to congratulate you on the work you have done in analyzing the global equity markets successfully. I am reading your reports since past few months and find them highly informative and accurate. It is amazing at times to see the accuracy of your analysis. It feels like an astrologer predicting future!
Prashant Narula
30 Mar 2009

Salutes to you for such astonishing accuracy….
When everyone else was expecting further downfall, you said that time oscillators suggest reversal!! I myself was biased at that point, but quickly cut shorts … and added long position. I have booked profits just now!! Thanks for absolutely accurate projections! Salutations again.

I enjoyed your recent article in Business Standard - Smart Investor.

I would like to read more on time fractals. Your work is a pioneering effort in more than one ways.

I read your Article in Business Standard “The Uncertainty Bias”. We will always challenge the new, as we love certainty. But there is never a certainty, it is a bias.

I did gain due to Ticks India and Orpheus End of Day Research!!

‘Why Do we Sell?’ is really a very interesting read!! I also read Fool’s Gold 2. It amazingly tells various cycles (Gold cycle), linkage with cycles of other markets and the relative performance. I understand as the Gold 30 yr cycle is currently up we can expect it to rise at least till 2015 with target of 3000 as you said but in short term expecting price to correct sub 800 - 700 levels. Also Gold is delinked with the other commodities lately.

I am following Ticks India. I am really thrilled by looking at the Cycle analysis that you are doing on intraday charts. It is really amazing. Also when markets were falling around 2700, all the analysts were on the other side i.e. they were all bearish but u still believed market shall maintain the October lows and shall bounce back from around 2700. I am really inspired by your research and sure enough that this product is going to be a huge success. You have combined orthodox technicals with Elliott with Cycles - Fractals and presented the complex research in a simple way.

I read your article in Business Standard on Time. It was a very interesting read again. Coincidentally I have actually read one of the books you have mentioned “The brief history of time” by Stephen Hawkins. It is amazing how he has presented time and what myth everyone has about it.

I was tracking Nifty futures and spot, Bank Nifty futures and spot. There is enough potential to make a decent return as per your strategy in both. I was shocked last week to see the discount in bank nifty widening to almost 50 points and then narrowing down and got into premium for a short period. It’s amazing how there is cyclicality that can be profited from everywhere.

Congratulations Mukul. When are you publishing your own book?

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My meeting with you was one of the finest time I have spent anytime, anywhere. I learnt many things.

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