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The Cycle Currency

The further we go away from a core idea, the bigger trouble we get into. The unfortunate part is that the very nature of economics, nature and society is about going further to extremes, invariably to an unbalancing situation.

The derivatives we blame today were created for the farmer who needed a risk management solution for his farm produce. He did not want to be left to the vagaries of natures and speculative volatilities. These derivatives were good and useful. The instruments are still fulfilling the same role for the farmer. The only problem is that along with the hedger came the speculator who was not only offering a counter party hedge but also leveraging. This brings in all the risks of volatility to a society. This is no normal volatility. This is volatility that creates risk, leading to bankruptcies and financial disasters.

Time Triads, Time Fractals, Time Arbitrage, Performance Cycles are terms coined by Orpheus Research. Time Triads is our weekly market letter. The report covers various aspects on TIME patterns, TIME forecast, alternative research, emerging markets, behavioral finance, market fractals, econohistory, econostatistics, time cyclicality, investment psychology, socioeconomics, pop cultural trends, macro economics, interest rates, derivatives, money management, Intermarket trends etc.

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