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  • The Jiseki Elements

      What is Jiseki? Our first academic paper was published in the Journal of Economics at Kobe university in 2009. The research papers were translated in Japanese. We had to translate performance cycle in Japanese. Performance, returns, results for us were not only absolute but also relative and cyclical. And these cycles of performance could be witnessed in traded assets, social and natural data. We needed a term which could summarize all these meanings in one kanji. Jiseki summarized it well. It meant achievement and actual results.     To read the latest report download it from our Reuters Store or mail us for subscription details. Our Jiseki Time cycles are seasonal patterns ...

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1637 Tulip mania damages the futures market and Dutch trade, in general. 1720 French and British stocks of firms cashing in on New World resources hit bottom. 1772 The financial crisis that occurred in the UK in 1771 leads to credit crisis, which spreads to North America. 1792 The Panic of 1792 was a financial [...]