Global Assets

EUR/USD - Key 1.44 - Preferred - Up

GOLD Futures - Key 1,400 - Preferred - Up
SILVER Futures - Key 34 - Preferred - Up
DOW - Resistance - 12,000 - Preferred - Neutral
BRENT OIL Futures - Resistance 100 - Preferred - Up

Global Assets


Though short term Jiseki cycles are negative, the very fact that Jiseki cycles are ruling near 20% (left hand side) suggest that CITI is a worst performer that should be bottoming.
11.04.11 CITI VS DOW
Though Citi has clearly underperformed Dow, RSI 40 supports on Citi suggests that intermediate (multi week) trend is positive till respective levels break.
11.04.11 TICKS.INDIA
These are the running and closed trades for the day. To keep updated visit TICKS.INDIA.
28.03.11 NIFTY Daily (India)
The structure looks like a completing w-x-y correction up. Key resistances to watch lie at 5,700 levels.
16.03.11 COFFEE
Prices confirm a weekly shooting reversal star.
16.03.11 GRAINS
Prices break key supports at 10.6 and head to next supports at 9.6.
16.03.11 SUGAR.
As anticipated on 22 Feb 2011, Sugar falls and heads to previous lows at 22.

07.03.11 S&P500.REVERSAL;
Prices retest the second time and reverse. We should see follow up selling soon.
04.03.11 S&P500.RETEST;
This is the second retest. The reversal is near.
02.03.11 S&P500; RETEST
Classic conventional retest suggesting that intermediate multi week reversal could be in.
Brent is headed to 140.
The low probability count suggests that the complex correction is not over and prices could push up back to 1.45 before any reversal.
28.01.11 GBPUSD
The move up looks like a completed B/2 and now prices are completing the ii circle sub minor up. Any final upside now should not push much above 1.6 after which prices should fall back to first target near 1.53 and then potentially lower till 1.5. A break above 1.6 will negate this preferred view.
27.01.11 EURUSD
A termination ending diagonal that should retrace all the move back till 1.33.
Visa.Prices continue to hold anticipated supports at 70.
Cisco. Continues to hold above psychological level at 20.
Amazon.Apple. We continue to look lower on AMZ and APPL.
26.01.11 GBPUSD
The overall subminor structure looks like an a-b-c zig zag with an incomplete C. Fibonacci 1.618 projections lie at 1.5893. A positive reversal RSI confirms the view. Above 1.5845 we continue to look at another impending leg up before the cable reverses in a multi week trend lower. 1.5845, 1.5893 are review levels.
20.01.2011 Visa.Cisco.Amazon.Apple. 11:19 GMT
Visa Inc. The stock is the worst performer and seems to be falling in a countertrend ovelapping structure. We expect current supports near 64.3 to hold. Above respective levels we remain positive on the stock.
Cisco Systems Inc.The stock is another worst performer and has bounced from key 0.618 Fib supports. We expect the stock to continue the minor uptrend.
Amazon Inc.This is one of the best performers and the best reduce or sell stock. RSI momentum is extreme overbought. We continue to look at exhaustion and topping signs before any fresh shorts.
Apple Inc.This is another best performer. RSI momentum is overbought and we are anticipating a reversal from current highs.
The preferred view suggests that Crude has already started the 3 primary multi year leg up and any fall now should be a multi week (2) intermediate down which should not fall below 80.
07.01.2011 Commodities.
NGAS. The commodity is testing previous high. Minor trend remains positive.
BRENT. Prices have reached key Fibonacci projections at 95 levels. Minor trend remains positive.
AIGE. Energy Index ETF. LSE. The index is testing key resistances at 12.2 levels. Minor trend remains positive.
AIGP. Precious Metal Index. Unlike all the energy components the index remains a topping structure.
06.01.11 GOLD.SILVER
PNF charts are nearing a break down on daily Gold and Silver. However, weekly Gold has not reversed yet.
EURUSD. Prices make a retest of the intermediate trend line and fail to push higher. A break at 1.31 level supports will take prices back to 1.264, which is previous support and Fibonacci projection.
GBPUSD. Sub 1.55 key intermediate targets lie at 1.5.
USDJPY. The prices have made a higher low. A push above previous high and multimonth resistance near 84 will suggest a reversal in trend up for the pair.
AUDUSD. This again is a key retest of a multimonth trendline resistance. A negative price confirmation will push the pair lower till 0.95 levels.
05.01.2011 Metals.
Silver Futures. RSI Momentum is in a sell. Our top performer is ready to push lower.
Gold Futures. A similar negative momentum is on gold.We need a price confirmation to look lower.
Copper Futures. Daily RSI is negative.
ETFS Zinc. LSE. Remains up but topping.
04.01.2011 Silver Futures
Prices are reaching 1980 historical high, which is also near historical Fibonacci projection parity near 37 levels. Silver is the top performing asset among 600 Alpha.Global assets. We continue to look at an underperformance on Silver.
Though RSI has broken trendline supports, RSI momemtum is overreactive while prices are still above key 44.5 support. Without price confirmation it's too early to look for a sustained reversal on INR. VIX continues to complete a large multi year basing. We continue to look at this as a preperation for a burst up in volatility than otherwise. Nifty and Sensex have moved up above our key levels. The bias remains positive, but we continue to look at this as an ongoing corrective that is topping. Above Nifty 6,200 and Sensex 20,500 we review.
24.12.10 INR
1: Primary RSI at 40 holds as of now. We need a break here to look for sustained multi month positivity on INR. 2: Multi Week RSI is above 30 and pointing up. INR should weaken on a multi week period before anything. 3: There is an absence of price confirmation at 44 (0.618 Fibonacci Levels). 4: In terms of Q4 cycles. INR still seems in a weakness cycle. This also makes a negative equity case.
24.12.10 CANARA BANK (India)
What is difference in CAN Bank in Mar 2009 and Dec 2010. 1: Daily RSI was non confirming the falling trend in prices. 2: Weekly RSI had a larger non confirmation (nearly 9 months) against the price. Both aspect 1 and 2 created a positive case. Now 3: Daily RSI is struggling to move above 30 as prices fall. 4: Weekly RSI is at 40, has not reversed yet and has broken 30 month trendline. Above this prices has a previous 20 month uninterrupted rally behind it. The conclusion is that CAN BANK our best top ranking performer remains short on the Rieki portfolio. Sub 660 levels we remain negative.
Nifty and Sensex continue to move up in a countertrend. INR and VIX are in a countertrend corrective down. The bullish excitement on equity gets ready to blast lower.
21.12.2010 NIFTY.INR.VIX
Prices move up in 2 minor up till 6,100 while both of INR and VIX retrace. Prices should reverse from respective levels.
20.12.2010 ETF Crude Oil
Prices are heading to key primary trend line resistance at 30. A break at 30 would suggest a trend reversal for Crude Oil.
20.12.10 REDY
Prices break the key intermediate trendline support and head to first target levels at 1,700. A break at respective levels can take prices to 1,600. Previous primary highs lie near 800.
16.12.10 BAJAJ AUTO
The prices have hit minor target at 1,440. We expect a iv minor wave bounce from current levels after which the trend down should resume. Intermediate targets after any bounce lie near 1,000 levels.
INR and VIX move up, while Nifty and Sensex continue to stay below key resistance levels at 6,000 and 19,800.
15.12.2010 ETFS.Sugar.Coffee.Grains.Natural Gas.LSE 12:05 GMT
Sugar.Prices have pushed to key retracement levels at 25.65. However RSI momentum is struggling sub 70 levels. We expect prices to reverse from here and push lower. Sugar is also one of the top ranking assets and hence a potential underperformer for us.
Coffee. The failure of RSI to move above 70 suggests an exhausting price structure. Coffee is the number 1 ranked asset in our global rankings. We continue to look at coffee underperforming
Grains. Weekly RSI has reached 70. A reversal from here will confirm our negative case on grains.
Natural gas. RSI momentum continues to nonconfirm the price structure. We continue to look at NGAS outperformance.
14.12.10. COPPER
Prices are in a multi year supercycle wave up. The formation is completing the (1) intermediate of the 3 circle primary of the v cycle wave of the v supercycle wave, which should head into 2015-2017 exponential top.
14.12.10 GOLD. SILVER
Unlike Gold, Silver seems to be completing a final v subminor up. This seems to be a completion of the leg up from Nov 2009. And considering the large exponential blow off that we illustrated prior and Silver topping the Jiseki rankings we continue to look at any leg up on Silver now as the last leg after which the white metal should fall back into 22.40 previous iv wave supports. Gold also seem to be in the final Y minor leg up and should follow silver down.
INR continues to push higher above previous subminor resistance levels at 45.3. Nifty, Nifty Mid 50 and Sensex bounce from previous supports and retrace. Nifty should cross above 6,000 and Sensex above 19,800 before we start looking at this as a minor countertrend.
10.12.2010 ETF Natural Gas.LSE 13:05 GMT
ETF Natural Gas.LSE.
Daily.Prices pushed outside multimonth downtrended channel. Key level to watch lies at 0.3463 (0.382 Fibonacci Levels).
Weekly.PPrices are testing the upper line of the multiyear downtrended channel. We needed further upmove to look have further positive confirmation.
Monthly.NGAS is at a historical low. APrevious highs lie at 0.5. We need a move above respective levels to look for a multi month reversal on the asset.
Quarterly.If prices continue to push higher till end of year, Natural Gas will have the first quarterly positive Key Reversal bar.
10.12.2010 USD pairs 11:54 GMT
EURUSD.Daily. Prices turned back from trendline resistance at 1.34.Sub respective levels we continue to look lower.
GBPUSD. Weekly.Prices are below intermediate trendline support at 1.6. Sub respective levels we continue to look lower.
USDJPY. Weekly.Key levels towatch lie at 86.Above respective levels the preffered weakening view on the pair is confirmed.
USDCHF.Daily.Prices turned from minor 0.618 Fibonacci levels. For Minor positivity ahead we need a clear break at psychological level at 1.
Bajaj Auto hit its first target. We have closed the open lot (1) from our Rieki portfolio. Tata Motors has hit 0,618 Fibonacci supports. The quality of the bounce will tell us whether we are in a iv up or we are in a new leg higher. We have closed our open short lot (1) and will wait for a confirmation at 1,230 before re initiating the trade. We have also closed Bank of Baroda, as first targets are met and Daily RSI momentum is back above 30. Cummins failed to crack and is still above previous lows at 720. We will review all the above stocks after respective supports break and give price confirmations or prices bounce and we have new entry levels.
09.12.10 BSEAUTO and BSE Healthcare
The top performer sectors formed potential Double Top reversal patterns and look ready to break the neckline. Rieki is still positive, but at an extreme level in both case.
Fibonacci levels are all over the place. Nifty turns from key 0.618 Fibonacci resistances at 6,070 levels. VIX reverses from 0.618 Fibonacci levels at 18.5. INR bounces back from 0.618 retracement supports at 44.5 and is headed higher. A move back on INR above 45.2 will be the first indication that INR move down was a countertrend and INR is ready to weaken on an intermediate basis. The only key level to watch now in Sensex. If Sensex breaks 19,773 - 19,500 the preferred negativity will be confirmed.
07.12.2010 Metals 10:46 GMT
Silver Spot. Primary multiyear price formation suggests a blow off. This is extreme euphoria which should see a large reaction lower. We dont have a reversal signal yet. A negative weekly close from current levels will be our first sign for at least a multiweek reversal in silver.
Gold Spot. The primary multiyear price formation has reached a key Fibonacci projection. The last time prices reached Fibonacci equality was in 2008. Prices remain flat for six quarters. The current resitance zone at 1476 levels should reverse prices at least on an intermediate multiweek basis.
Copper Futures. Prices are at historical resitance line. We expect primary resitances to offer some reversal here. Key levels to watch lie at 4.
ETF Industrial Metals. Prices below key Fibonacci levels 20.29. These levels are expected to hold.
The beautiful NSE MID CAP 50 is at a key multi month trendline support. A break here will confirm negativity. The weekly RSI on INR and VIX non confirms takes support at 40 and points up. Sensex is also below key 20,000. The path of least resistance still points lower for Sensex and higher for INR and VIX.
06122010.Corn.Grains.Soybeans.Oil.12:58 GMT
Corn. Prices are still above the multiweek intermediate trendline. We need a clear break at 1.7 for confirmed negativity. Grains.The prices are stil above key trendline support at 6. The minor trend is still up. Soybeans. Prices are near multiyear channel high. We continue to look at supply pressure here. Soybeans Oil.Prices touched key Fibonacci retracement levels. We expect supply pressure here.
0612210.ETFs.Cocoa.Coffee.Sugar.Wheat.12:18 GMT
Cocoa. Prices are at a multiyear resitance line. A break above 3.75 levels could see prices higher till 4. Coffee. The conventional Head and Shoulder struvture continues to unfold. Sub 3.65 levels we get our preferred negative confirmation. Sugar. Prices are moving up in a countertrend corrective structure which should reverse soon. Sub 25 we remain negative. Wheat. Prices have moved above the corrective channel. The commodity is headed higher.

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