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The Dollar Intermediate multi-week Jiseki turns up.
18.05.11 XEN
The Indian ETF XEN weekly Jiseki continues to point lower suggesting that XEN should fall (INR should weaken).
Remember our negative call on Sugar. The DOW SUGAR Index came crashing down with Jiseki. The cycles remain negative.
Weekly Jiseki is still near 70 percentile, not the best case for a reversal. However, the widening spread between red (2mth) and blue (6mth) Jiseki cycles also suggest that higher prices could meet at least some minor exhaustion when the crossovers turn negative.
On an intermediate multi week basis DDP short ETF suggests a bottoming structure ready for a reversal.
Weekly Jiseki cycles still point lower suggesting that commodity bull run is intact. Short Commodity ETF moves inverse to the Commodity Index.
21.04.11 (India) NIFTY
The daily Jiseki cycles remain positive for the Indian index and confirm our case of a retest of 6,000-6,100 resistances.
Jiseki on minor time frames seems to have hit a low and turned up. Dollar Index seems ready to move up.
21.04.11 SLV. SILVER ETF.
Jiseki cycles are still positive.
21.04.11 BHEL
Jiseki is positive. BHEL positivity added to NTPC confirms that BSE Capital Goods could continue to push higher.
11.04.11 (India) BSE Realty
The daily Jiseki cycles have a positive crossover and suggest further minor positivity for the index. The larger grey cycle remains below 20% rankings.
11.04.11 (India) Indices
The daily Jiseki ranking suggest BSE Consumer Durables, BSE Auto and CNXIT as best sectors, while NIFTY VIX, BSE Realty and BSEOIL remain the worst.
29.03.11 (India) BHEL
The weekly Jiseki cycles are negative and continue to suggest further intermediate negativity for the stock.
28.03.11 (India) NIFTY
The weekly Jiseki cycles are negative and suggest further intermediate negativity for the Indian index.
28.03.11 (India) Sector ranking Weekly
15 out of 17 Indian indices are ranked above 50%. The best performers, BSE Capital Goods, BSE Healthcare and BSE Oil are ranked above 90%. The worst indices are BSE Power and NIFTY VIX.
Weekly Jiseki is down but bottoming. We have no reversal signal yet.
28.03.11 (India) M&M;
The negative crossover on the Jiseki cycles continues to suggest further intermediate negativity for M&M.;
28.03.11 (India) Cummins
The Jiseki cycles made a negative crossover as prices reversed and continue to suggest further intermediate negativity for the stock. The larger grey cycle is still topping at extreme rankings.
28.03.11 (India) Bharat Forge
The weekly Jiseki structure suggests further intermediate negativity and sees the current upmove as a minor correction which should complete soon. The smaller Jiseki cycles made a negative crossover as prices reversed and continue to point lower while the larger grey cycle is still topping at extreme rankings.
25.03.11 Australian Dollar
When prices don't fall as Jiseki performance cycles suggest, it is a sign of strength. This is what seems to be happening in case of Australian Dollar Index. The smaller Jiseki cycles are still struggling near 35% rankings with no clear positive signal yet, while the larger grey cycle remains down. And a negative Jiseki action has not take prices down. The Elliott count suggests that this is a completing corrective fourth wave down after which the final fifth wave up should begin.
21.03.11 (India) Nsebank
The Jiseki cycles made a positive crossover. However, the larger grey cycle is still negative and suggests that the current upmove is a correction which should resolve lower.
21.03.11 (India) Sector rankings
BSE Auto, BSE Consumer Durables and CNXIT remain the top sectors, while NIFTY VIX, BSE Power and BSEOIL are the worst.
21.03.11 (India) Early Economic rankings
We illustrated here the best and worst stocks of the Indian Early Economic sector. The best ones are ranked above 85%, while the worst ones are ranked sub 30%. Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto and M&M; are the top ranked stocks, while at the bottom we have Reliance Communications, NTPC and Bharti.
21.03.11 Dollar
Dollar remains a bottoming Jiseki case. We just see minor weakness ahead.
The update from 1 March continues as anticipated. We continue to look higher on British Pound in a potential complex corrective wave Y up till 1.65.
21.03.11 BET(ROMANIA)
Jiseki for emerging Romanian blue chip index remains up.
07.03.11 (India) Tata Motors
Tata Motors is currently the best Indian stock. The weekly Jiseki cycles made a negative crossover and suggest that the underperformance of the stock has started.
07.03.11 (India) BSE AUTO
The weekly Jiseki cycles made a negative crossover as prices reversed and suggest further intermediate negativity.
07.03.11 (India) NIFTY VIX
The weekly Jiseki cycles look bottoming, while the larger primary cycle (grey) remains negative near 10% rankings.
04.03.11 IRTS.MOSCOW
Price structure seems to be in an ongoing (3) intermediate with impending higher highs.
04.03.11 (India) NTPC
The cycles remain negative near 10% rankings with no clear sign of a reversal yet.
04.03.11 TBT(PRS ULT SRT20+)
This the short 20 Yr Treasury Bond ETF. The Jiseki is positive and the move down still seems like a 4 intermediate down, which should resolve higher to first target at 45 and then 50. This means that 20 year yields should rise.
04.03.11 (India) Bharti
The Jiseki cycles crossover is still negative. However, the structure remains sideways around 10% rankings and could bottom soon.
04.03.11 India's best and worst stocks
Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto and M&M; are the top rankers, followed by JSW Steel, Hindalco and Yes Bank. On the lower side we have Reliance Communications, Bharti and NTPC. The best stocks we showcased here are the ones above 85% rankings, while the worst are the ones sub 10%.
03.03.11 (India) JSW Steel
Cycles have topped as prices reversed and continue to point lower.
03.03.11 (India) Hindalco
Hindalco is one of the best Metal stocks. The Jiseki cycles have topped at an extreme level and suggest further minor negativity ahead.
25.02.11 SUGAR
A clear negative Jiseki crossover on Dow Jones Sugar.
02.03.11 (India) Reliance Communications
Reliance Communications is the worst stock according to our rankings. The Jiseki cycles are bottoming near 4 percentile extremes, suggesting a potential positive reversal ahead.
02.03.11 (India) CNXIT
The Jiseki cycles turned negative and are pushing lower from extreme levels at 88 percentile. This suggests further minor negativity ahead.
02.03.11 (India) Sensex
The Jiseki cycles remain negative and show no sign of a potential reversal yet. This confirms our negative case on the Indian market.
01.03.11 CurrencyShares Swiss Franc Trust
FXF Jiseki suggests that the minor trend remains up. The minor intermediate cycle crossover remains positive and even the larger primary grey cycles are sideways. CHF should continue to strengthen against the USD.
01.03.11 CurrencyShares British Pound Ster. Trst
The Jiseki minor and intermediate crossover is positive, but the grey primary performance cycle Jiseki is still down. The multi week trend on GBPUSD still suggests up till 1.63 and potentially higher till 1.65.
01.03.11 French CAC
Jiseki and ranking structure are near 35 per-centile. This makes CAC one of the worse performers and hence potential relative outperformer. We don't have a positive crossover on intermediate degree yet.
01.03.11 BSEREAL
Jiseki and rankings are trended lower. We have no intermediate reversal confirmation yet on the worst performing Indian sector. This also confirms our case that any anticipated reversal without BSE real hitting bottom could be of a minor (few days) degree. Markets can't go up till the worst performers stop falling and find buying interest.
The Jiseki cycles are still bottoming and rankings have reached to last 10 per centile. However, XEN ETF prices refuse to fall suggesting that the ongoing formation is a corrective that should resolve higher back to intermediate highs to 230. This translates to an immediate target of 44.5 on INR.
28.02.11 Indian Banks
Nearly half of the banks are above 80 percentile. The top banks are Yes Bank, Corporation Bank, Bank of Baroda, Canara Bank, Axis Bank, Punjab National Bank, Andhra Bank and Federal Bank.
25.02.11 NIFTYVIX
NiftyVIX- Though the Volatility Indicator has pushed more than 50% higher in performance making it one of the top ranked instruments in Global 1000, the Jiseki cycles are still bottoming and suggesting there is still more volatility to come.
Top Ranked Commodities
Copper, Palladium and Cotton are the top ranked commodities.

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