Killing the Insider

Now with SAC Capital Advisors, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund under attack and potentially ready to shut shop, one wonders what is getting destroyed or created in this process? Who should be excited? Who should feel distraught? Is it destruction? Rajat Gupta’s wiki page labels him as a corporate criminal before talking about his philanthropist [...]

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The Italian Long

Italy Index MSCI Ishares (EWI) is the new running ORMI Global Active ETF selection. The Global Active ETF This is our second ETF model after Global ETF Sector. The reason we created this second model was because we wanted to make a new ORMI model, which encompassed Regional Indices, top US blue chip indices and [...]

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The Drunkard’s Walk

Proof of Randomness In 1827 Robert Brown saw a random movement of pollen particles in water. Pollen particles were jumping around randomly. This was called Brownian motion aka the drunkard’s walk. In 1902 Einstein proved this phenomenon and confirmed the presence of atoms and molecules. This was 100 years after atomic theory was proposed by [...]

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The Rupee Scare

There is only one problem here, psychology is prone to reversal, after greed comes fear, and then the cycle repeats. Scare is an emotional need Like we need soap operas, we need things to be scared of. Emotions are why we live, so if we don’t have greed and fear, we might not feel alive. [...]

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The Spiritual Gold

Divergence There are many reasons for the divergence between what happens to Gold in India and worldwide. Gold is always a buy in India compared to the world, no wonder the state considers it a problem, puts restrictions on imports and is concerned how to address this obsession. If there is something at the top [...]

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Orpheus Risk Management Indices (ORMI) © and Analytics The indices values that are disseminated today are broadly based on market capitalization methodology. Market capitalization methodology has been challenged globally for a few broad reasons. 1) As an asset strengthens it is given more weight 2) As an asset weakens it is given lesser weight. This on one side captures [...]

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