Orpheus CAPITALS, Global Alternative Research

The Global Alternative research company is based out of Romania. Alternative Research includes Price fractals, time cycles, sentiment and statistical research. The research startup is headed by full time members of Market Technicians Association and members of Foundation of Cycles. The outfit publishes 300 research reports internationally on Reuters and Thompson platforms every month. The research coverage includes Indian, Romanian and other Global equity and Indices. Orpheus Research also covers other asset classes like Metals, Forex, Agro, Energy, Bonds and Green assets. The forecasts cover asset classes across time frames. Orpheus proprietary research and has created new indicators like Time Oscillators that redefine long short strategies, portfolio allocations, Index construction and dramatically improve market timing. Orpheus CAPITALS is the only company in India, C&E Europe to do intraday research on indices, futures and various other assets. The intraday research called TICKS delivers accuracy on time frames as short as 1 min and is published through a self refreshing webpage giving access to members across the world. We also illustrate this accuracy through our ‘Accuracy Reports’ and ‘Anticipated and Happened’ cases. We call this accountability in research as ‘The Research Revolution’.

Contact - Orpheus Capitals is an Investment Consulting Company incorporated in 2005 and authorized by C.N.V.M (Market Regulator Romania).

C.N.V.M. Authorization No. 618/2007

C.N.V.M. Register No. PJR04CIPG/12003



Research Office: Gutinului Street Nr.13 Apt.3, 400090, Cluj Napoca, Romania, EU

Registered Office: Parang Street Nr. 13, Apt. 20, 400552, Cluj, Romania, EU

phone 0040-(0)-364117885
fax 0040-(0)-364800948
mobile 0040-(0) 741384282, 0040-(0)-746919497

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