SUMMARY: OIL AND NATURAL GAS DAILY (ONGC) ANTICIPATED AND HAPPENED As anticipated, prices completed the b/ii wave up near key levels at 1,260. We should see further downmove from here. AMBUJA DAILY (ABUJ) Prices continue to hold true trendline supports. A clear break below respective supports would be the negative confirmation we need. HINDALCO DAILY (HALC) Our ALTERNATE scenario sees this as a completing corrective structure up. Key resistance levels lie at 111. ACC DAILY (ACC) KEY REVERSAL bars suggest further downmove from current levels. NTPC DAILY (NTPC) The current structure looks like an A-B-C corrective which should resolve lower. Key levels lie at 190. RANBAXY DAILY (RANB) ROC cycles continue to suggest negativity. We need a clear break below true trendline supports to continue to look lower. TISCO DAILY (TISC) This looks like a potential DOUBLE TOP pattern. A clear break below neckline levels at 330 would validate the pattern. ROC cycles also point lower. CIPLA DAILY (CIPL) The corrective structure up seems complete. Key resistance levels lie at 300. ITC DAILY (ITC) The C/3 wave up should complete near key 265 levels.

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CHANNELS.INDIA is our second perspective product published on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. The report uses conventional technical tools and covers most top traded stocks. The report illustrates key price levels, price targets, price projections and time turn windows. WAVES.INDIA, CHANNELS.INDIA are bundled together as PERSPECTIVE products. Unlike WAVES which focuses more on blue chips, CHANNELS covers the other mid cap and small cap stocks also. CHANNELS.INDIA carries the Early Economic cycle sector components, which includes FINANCIAL and DISCRETIONARY sector stocks, the Mid Economics cycles sector which includes INDUSTRIAL sector stocks and the Late Economic Sector cycle including ENERGY, STAPLES, UTILITIES, PHARMA, CHEMICALS sector stocks. REUTERS EARLY ECONOMIC RICS DLF.NS, HDFC.NS, HDBK.NS, ICBK.NS, SBI.NS, INFY.NS, TCS.NS, MAHM.NS, UNTE.NS, TITN.NS REUTERS MID ECONOMIC RICS ASOK.NS, TAMO.NS, CROM.NS, BHEL.NS, LART.NS, MTNL.NS, IDEA.NS, BRTI.NS, RLCM.NS, TATA.NS REUTERS LATE ECONOMIC RICS ONGC.NS, RLIN.NS, NTPC.NS, ACC.NS, HALC.NS, TISC.NS, ABUJ.NS, CIPL.NS, RANB.NS, ITC.NS



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