The Orpheus Newsletter - 10 Feb 2010

The earthquake science

Earthquake science can be used in markets because of time fractals

The earthquake science working for markets is an opinion as old as the butterfly effect and the study on Sun cycles influencing markets. Xavier Gabaix, assistant professor of economics at MIT, did not say that earthquake causes market behaviour, but that large-scale events in the stock market adhere to distinct patterns which can be witnessed in seismic activity. The MIT professor suggests that economists should borrow the earthquake math from scientists who model natural disasters, the power curve mathematics. The reason that economists are uncomfortable with power laws, says H Eugene Stanley, Boston University is that “unlike the bell curve they are not based on any assumptions about how markets or people work. They are simply curves that fit the data”. Now these ideas are going on since Vilfredo Pareto wrote about the curve first in 1909. Markets are still understanding it and accepting it, 100 years later and we still don’t believe that simple curves rule our life. Human non comprehension of such profound rules and patterns of nature is old news…Read more…

Alpha.bonds – long German 30 yrs, short US 10 yrs deliver 25% annualized – dollar Index remains a buy, gold remains a sell
Alpha.Metals – Long Gold, Short Palladium turns green
The Alpha Tracker
Alpha.Romania updated
Alpha. DOW30 – Boeing is topping
Alpha.metals – copper hits a performance top and delivers 6% against gold
Alpha.India – Long Grasim, short Nifty delivers 13%

Channels.India – L&T Anticipated and happened
Waves.India – Anticipated and happened cases on subminor and minor
Channels.India – TCS. Anticipated and happened
Channels.India – ACC. Anticipated and happened
Waves.India – Subminor corrective
Channels.India – Mid economic performance cycles
Waves.India – Sensex subminor. Anticipated and happened
Channels.India – Early economic – Elliott and performance cycles
Channels.India – Late economic performance cycles
Waves.India – The anticipated breakdown is here

Channels.BVB – Mid Economic Update – Momentum Special
Waves.ROM – SIF5 makes a Key Reversal Bar (KR)
CHANNELS.BVB – Early Economic Update – Momentum
Channels.BVB – Late Economic Update – Moving Average
Waves.Romania – Transelectrica anticipated and happened
Waves.Romania – Anticipated and Happened
Channels.BVB – Early Economic Update – Financials – Moving Average
Channels.BVB – Late Economic Update – Japanese Candlesticks
Waves.ROM – BETNG. retesting previous highs

Waves.Oil – Chevron tops at 80
Waves.Forex – EURUSD hits both targets and reaches 0.618 Fib levels
Waves.Gold – RSI momentum
TICKS – Accuracy on 1 minute charts
Waves.Forex Rupee doubts strengthening
Waves.Gold – The Gold Intermediate Bear
Waves.Forex – EURUSD Getting ready to find support and bounce – Anticipated eurusd 1,4 break happens

Orpheus Product Presentation
Joseph Kitchin finally makes it to WIKI
Romanian Sentiment Review – Revisiting 30 billion euros
News Follows – Lack of contagion in Central and Eastern Europe, for now


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