The Orpheus Newsletter - 16 March 2010

The perfect hedge

Hedging a portfolio is an illusion, because a near perfect hedge delivers more than a risk free return consistently.

Aristotle’s Organon is not to tell readers what is true, but rather to give approaches for how to investigate the truth and how to make sense of the world. The primary tool in Aristotle’s tool kit is the syllogism, a three step argument, such as “All woman are mortal; Cleopatra is a woman; therefore Cleopatra is mortal”. Aristotle was also the first one to use the term Hedge, explaining a financial innovation used by Thales a philosopher from Miletus and his transaction of Olives…..Read more…

Alpha.Bonds – Arbitraging Romanian Yields
Alpha.Romania – Pharma starts to outperform
Alpha India updated
Orpheus Webinars – Performance Cycles
Alpha CEE – How is Bulgarian BGREIT ranked?
Alpha.Dow 30 – Exxon worst, Boeing best starts to deliver
Alpha.Romania – Historically COMI delivers 310% against BETXT
Alpha India – Bhel underperformance against Nifty begins
Alpha.India – Stocks, strategy and sector update

Alpha.Romania – Why is pharma underperforming?
Alpha.agro – grains, soyabean to outperform agro complex

Waves.India – Nsebank. Anticipated and happened
Channels.India – HDFC Anticipated and happened
Channels.India – Late economic anticipated and happened cases
Waves.India – Prices continue to hold key FIB resistances
Channels.India – Mid economic performance cycles
Waves.India – Alternate scenarios
Channels.India – Early economic performance cycles
Channels.India – Late economic corrective structures
Waves.India – Banks retest trend channel resistances
Channels.India – Mid economic – Weekly perspective
Waves.India – Preferred remains negative

Waves.ROM – SNP.Anticipated and happened
Channels.BVB – Early Economic Update – Patterns
Channels.BVB – Late economic – Momentum
Waves.Rom – Alternate fourth wave

Channels.BVB – Mid economic update
Waves.Rom – Final fifth and crash back to 1
Channels.BVB – Early Economic Update – Momentum
Channels.Bvb – Late Economic Update
Waves.Rom – TGN- Prices reach key resistance at 230
Channels.BVB – Mid Economic Update
Waves.Rom – SNP. Prices reach historical 0.382 Fibonacci levels
Channels.Bvb – Early Economic Update – Moving Average

Waves.Gold – Nickel.Anticipated and happened
DOW At A Crucial Juncture!
Waves.Forex – EURRON strengthens against EURO.
Waves.Gold – Gold alternate
Ticks.Global – GBPUSD 1.5 is in

Orpheus Webinars – Performance Cycles
Orpheus Interview Experts
Alrroya – Resurrecting the dollar
Orpheus heads to Sofia and Skopje
Member’s post – India
Romanian Sentiment Review – The March Reversal
Orpheus wishes all its Romanian members Happy Martisor
Orpheus wishes all it’s Indian members Happy HOLI
Ranking the Emirates
Member’s Post – Inverted head and shoulder Nifty (India)


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