Introducing Domnita Pascut

Domnita Pascut is the founding member of Orpheus Capitals. She started Orpheus in 2005 immediately after her post graduation in linguistics. The company introduced alternative research products for Indian and Central and Eastern Europe and slowly expanded product line for global assets like Metals, Energy, Agro, Forex, Bonds and Green Assets.

Her interest in charts and market patterns was an extension of her keen understanding of social mood and sentiment. How charts could say so much intrigued her. From early 2005 she worked on market patterns, economic research, cyclicality and economic history. It was her liking for history which helped her see the cyclical natures of markets and patterns. She looks after Orpheus CEE Research and the intraday global research. Domnita gives more weightage to conventional technical analysis, channels, trendlines, market patterns and Fibonacci. She combines all this with basic Elliott structures, performance cycles and high low close bars. You can follow her work on Orpheus Romania Research and Ticks.Global.

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Orpheus Romania Research - Sep 2005 - Orpheus is based out of Romania. The eastern european country despite its small geographical size and 16 million population is a great sporting nation known for great marathon Olympic winners like Dita Tomescu (left), world ranked gymnasts and rowing champions. We take inspiration from the competitive spirit of the nation and work together with the local exchange and institutions to nurture and develop the capital market for the region. We have a strong presence in the capital market training circuit and have valuable relationships with Reuters Romania.

The pollution free and scenic beauty of the country also adds to perfect objective environment needed to create great research. With a market capital of around 20 billion Euros and GDP of near 150 billion euros, the country remains on a growth trajectory among emerging nations.

Orpheus Romania Research is published on Reuters Knowledge, Thomson ONE platforms and Yahoo Finance. The coverage includes all sector and sub sectors Indices and all listed Romanian stocks on the BVB.


Orpheus Global Research

TICKS.GLOBAL covers DOW, GOLD, SILVER, OIL, EURUSD, DAX and other global assets and futures on an Intra day basis. The reports are published through a self refreshing webpage. TICKS.GLOBAL is a web based service it is only available through the Orpheus Site.

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