Continuation Head and Shoulder Fractals

Fractals (similar price patterns) are not about same asset they can also be about different region, different assets, different time. This is a potential continuation head and shoulder formation seen in India and Romania. This case was carried in TICKS INDIA.

13.07.10 11:00 BSEMETALS. DAILY. Don’t get tricked by conventionalism. It’s everywhere. Understand the Elliott structure that it’s the nature of correctives to decay time and that ‘Head and Shoulder’ is formation of time. You can find it everywhere. What’s important is not to just see a ‘HNS’, but to understand which one would resolve and when. If you look at multiple assets, you can easily see markets from different regions making a continuation ‘HNS’. Now this we think will resolve lower to new intermediate lows below 14,000.

The above image is the Romanian BETFI with a continuation variety potential Head and Shoulder.

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