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Bill Meridian’s Interview

This is the 8 April Interview conducted on the Orpheus Thomson Reuters Technical Analysis Forum
Mukul Pal Welcome Bill
Domnita Pascut Welcome Bill
Bill Meridian Hi
Cosmin Grozea hello
Mukul Pal Hello Everybody
Mukul Pal Thank you for all for your presence today
Mukul Pal Bill Meridian from CYCLES RESEARCH is here with us today
Bill [...]

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Orpheus Events - Interview with Bill Meridian - 8 April

Romania, Poland, Croatia, Slovakia

Orpheus Podcast with Bill
23 Feb, 2010 Interview

The time is 16:15 till 17:15 EEST. (Eastern European Summer Time) is 3 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (GMT)
You can access the chat room through your Reuters Messaging Software.  If you can’t access the technical analysis room or want more information please contact your [...]

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Bill Meridian on DOW, GOLD and OIL (Archive)

Published on 24 Aug 2008

Cycles theorist Bill Meridian began on as a fundamental analyst at the Value Line Investment Survey. Then in 1978, he began to design computer programs to perform the number-crunching required to relate stock market movements to cycles. He has worked both the buy and sell sides of Wall Street, most recently [...]

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