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MENA - Value and Rankings (Alrroya)

Numerically ranking the late economic sectors in UAE is bound to throw up surprising stock and asset picks and contrary to popular belief which looks more at growth than value. It is tough to explain why a majority of investors are momentum driven. Why most of us look at growth than value? Why investors and [...]

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Ranking the Emirates

Numerically ranking assets and indices in the UAE equity universe illustrates future outperformers.
Emotional Rankings
Comparisons can get controversial. But let’s face it we are on the mean street, market values every asset and index with a traded tick. So why get so touchy about the fact that the asset we love is low or high [...]

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Emirates Yield Curve

There was a time when society was credit less, as usury laws discouraged lending and penalty for rates higher than the legal maximum was death.
Then of course times changed and interest rates were let free. However, despite the perceived control on interest rates, the monetary tool is a cyclical phenomenon, which does not differentiate between [...]

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The Emirate Gold

After a secular collapse on equities in Emirates compared to gold, we may be in for relative shift in value.
How much are today’s electronic exchanges different from the silent trade (Dumb barter) practice in 1415 AD. The Silent trade, also called the dumb barter, or depot trade, is a method by which people with no [...]

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