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Targets and Stops (003) - Fibonacci projections

Another important and broadly used target calculation tool is what market technicians call the Fibonacci projections. Simply putting the Fibonacci ratios are used to project the end of a three legged structure after two legs are considered complete. These three legs could be a-b-c, 1-2-3, 3-4-5 or w-x-y. These following Fibonacci ratios or projections: 0.382 [...]
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Targets and Stops (002) - Key Reversal Bar

Last time we discussed the previous fourth retracement and how the method can be used as an effective tool to calculate stops and targets. Today in the second addition of targets and stops we are discussing Key Reversal bar. The very fact that the High-Low-Close formation is called ‘Key’ attaches significance to it. From personal [...]
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Targets and Stops - Previous fourth retracement

One of the most effective target calculation techniques is based on the previous fourth retracement. According to Elliott, prices move in a five wave structure and after completing such an impulse, prices tend to retrace at least till previous fourth levels. This is why after a peak or bottom, the respective levels become an important [...]
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Equities vs. Gold

It is very tough to understand cyclicality, as it goes against conventional belief, which comes from the society. Hence seeing cyclicality, appreciating it, comprehending it needs courage to see what everyone can’t see. What if you are wrong? What if the society is right? What if….? This is another reason why Gold should underperform Equties. [...]
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The ‘I saw it first’ illusion

People can fight for credit. They can even kill for it. There is an old joke of two amateur chartists fighting over a credit regarding who spotted the head and shoulder first. At Orpheus we consider head and shoulder the pattern of time. So if you look at price you will find head and shoulder [...]
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Continuation head and shoulder or Elliott Triangle

A continuation Head and Shoulder pattern could also be a looked as a triangle. A similar pattern of conventional head and shoulder of a five legged 3-3-3-3-3 (a-b-c-d-e) triangle was present in Nifty during the fall from May 2008 to Oct 2008. Vivek Marne is currently working with BDO Consulting in Oman, providing services in [...]
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Continuation Head and Shoulder Fractals

Fractals (similar price patterns) are not about same asset they can also be about different region, different assets, different time. This is a potential continuation head and shoulder formation seen in India and Romania. This case was carried in TICKS INDIA. 13.07.10 11:00 BSEMETALS. DAILY. Don’t get tricked by conventionalism. It’s everywhere. Understand the Elliott [...]
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Investment Psychology

The Contrian Cioban The contrarian ‘Cioban’(Romanian for Shephard). We bring to an end a very interesting aspect on contrary opinion today. Next week we will discuss on how to invest on the basis of contrary opinion. To sum up some previous write ups, we discussed how market inflates and make bubbles and some historical bubbles. [...]
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TICKS - Accuracy on 1 minute charts

Pattern watching can not get more comprehensive than this in stock markets. We don’t just talk about charting and delivering accuracy on 1 minute charts, we at Orpheus actually do it. These are abridged (almost 50%) versions of what TICKS Intra day services cover in a month for India, Romania and Global assets. We have [...]
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The Orpheus Newsletter - 8 DEC 2009

Keeping It Simple Detachment is a spiritual mantra that works well in markets too. When price movement bothers you while you sleep and causes you dreams of paradise or nightmares, you are suffering from the real capital market crisis. It is easier said, but if you can’t keep cool in markets, you are at the [...]
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