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The Orpheus Newsletter - 8 DEC 2009

Keeping It Simple Detachment is a spiritual mantra that works well in markets too. When price movement bothers you while you sleep and causes you dreams of paradise or nightmares, you are suffering from the real capital market crisis. It is easier said, but if you can’t keep cool in markets, you are at the [...]
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The Hedge Opportunity. Performance cycles indicate that Hedging could be an opportunity and not just an imperfect risk management technique. The history and the idea. Hedging is one of the first ideas modern finance taught us. Hedging as an exercise was started for a farmer, who wanted to insulate himself from movements in agricultural commodity [...]
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Can we trade time as an asset class? On one side we have comments like will the equilateral triangle lose symmetry as time triads move and on the other side is a clear idea of time triads being an empty philosophy. A controversy is a start, at least there is a debate, a thought. Volatility [...]
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The TIME Translation

Extending time fractals to explain the transformation of the bell curve into the Pareto principle reconciles the 150 year efficient and inefficient market debate. Robert Brown, a Scottish botanist observed the random Brownian motion nearly 250 years back. Nearly the same time Carl Gauss, also known as the Princeps mathematicorum (prince of mathematicians) created the [...]
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Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry saw fractals everywhere. He might just have missed seeing them on TIME. FLUCTUATIONS AND TIME ACCORDING TO MANDELBROT A fluctuation is a pulse, a change, amplitude. In a heartbeat a fluctuation signifies life. Researchers have spent decades researching fluctuations in an attempt to understand markets. Few like Mandelbrot [...]
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Gold vs Oil - II

In a world of failing banks and historical unemployment, hedge funds are organizing more go to Jesus meetings (Bloomberg News). Conventionalism has hit a low and news is lost. However, even in these times markets continue to deliver superior returns, only that the approach is not conventional. It was using the ALTERNATIVE RESEARCH approach we [...]
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