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By 2025 we will be in Stone Age

These are the famous words of Geologist Kenneth Deffeyes voiced in FEB 2006. Though the expert reiterated later saying that the words he said were a bit harsh, the quote anyway found its way to the top list of 2007 quotes. Books and cover stories highlight a mass psychology extreme. We call it a cover [...]
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The Butterfly Effect

December Cold; January Gold. If gold behaved even half as tricky, as winters are playing this December, precious markets will get a bit more interesting. It is seven weeks since we put our last update on gold with a potential target price turns on gold at $640 around November 24. The metal dipped 3 per [...]
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These are the words of the famous Romanian sculptor, Brancusi. The essence of his words, boils down to the same thing. Whether life, technology, relationships, markets will become more complex tomorrow or simple? If you extrapolate, yes, everything should be a bit more complex. But if you think and reason, simplicity might be more sought [...]
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Ouch! It’s the Smelter

ZINC - 25% down in 35 calendar days should definitely pinch if not hurt even the most entrenched bull. Have you thought what another 25% might do? And why did we fall in the first place? The notorious Hedge fund, the global reason, the local reason, the Zinifex-Umicore merger to become the largest ZINC producer [...]
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Who will kill the Pope in Istanbul?

This was a recent Turkish thriller, which sold as many as 20,000 copies before the Pope arrived in Turkey. Sensationalism is at the heart of many industries. The news industry thrives on it. The television or the print. This sensationalism gives people what they want. If you give people something that they don’t want or [...]
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Breaking the Reserve Bank of India

A trader broke the BANK OF ENGLAND on 16 SEP 1992 and earned $ 1 billion from the deal. How far is market from full currency convertibility and from creating traders who can break the Reserve Bank of India? Will we see such a scenario some day in emerging markets? High tech price quote systems [...]
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