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XTR - The Large Cap Hypothesis

The top six of the large capitalized stocks consist of 75% of the total market capitalization. And this is one hypothesis we raised when we launched the XTR this month. Large caps still remain a very key segment for the local markets and should continue to drive relative growth in Romania stock markets. Large cap [...]
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XTR - Peaks and Bottoms

When prices rise, 80% of the market components rise together and when market falls 90% of market components fall together. This is a phenomenon witnessed world over across markets and across assets. We witnessed this in Romania from July 2007 when a majority of market components declined together. This issue of XTR analysis the erosion [...]
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XTR - The Index

All the talk of recession and sentiment negativity pushed us back to the contrarian side forcing us to look at Romanian market valuations and how markets should evolve from here. Well we see this as the start of new restructuring for the local markets. Romanian market has a 14 year history. And despite all roadblocks [...]
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Dollar 2012

What happens to Dollar in 2012 concerns all of us. It concerns the Euro, it concerns Japanese Yen and it also concerns many emerging market currencies like Indian Rupee and Romanian Lei. But one may ask why 2012? 2012 should be a significant cycle low and high for many assets. Some assets may top, some [...]
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