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SILVER turns up

Apart from the KEY REVERSAL bar (RIGHT), we have historical momentum lows both on daily and weekly time frame and conventional multi year supports on SILVER. Last week we mentioned the GOLD-SILVER ratio, which also suggests outperformance on SILVER. The ratio continues to suggest the turn up for SILVER. This week we look at GOLD [...]
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CYCLE II lows n the end of the world

I am visiting India and am writing from the Orpheus New Delhi desk. Markets have been making lower lows here too. And fortunately or unfortunately, the famous day of 28 Oct (1929, Black Monday) is a national holiday here. Not because India is celebrating the old crash, but it’s a start of an important day [...]
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What happened to STEEL?

This is a normal question to ask if the top steel stocks collapse 70%. But is it really about Steel or is it linked with the CRB (Commodity Index), which retraced 50% of its gain since 1968? And now is back below 1980 highs. Or is it about Silver, an industrial metal which retraced 61.8% [...]
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Can SBI save the Sensex?

The only two indices to have fallen less than 30% among the Indian Indices are BSFMCG and BSEHC (Health Care). Readers of WAVES.INDIA would know that these are our top sectoral picks from THE LATE ECONOMIC sector cycle, we have been mentioning from the start of the year. However, it’s the third Index performer, which [...]
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We all get it wrong, sometime. But when you say ‘Exxon Mobil: A Great Big Buy’ on JUN 3 when the stock price is at dollar 88 near all time historical high at 93, you must be neck deep in Oil data and rig reports, unaware of everything else. Everything linked with OIL prices, linked [...]
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The last time we covered GOLD was when it was ranging between dollar 920-950 levels (FOOL’S GOLD). Well we have had a financial crisis and so much activity since then. But the crisis commodity is still sub 900. And as anticipated it did push lower back to sub 800 levels till 730. What happened? Why [...]
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Is Eurron FLAT, Normal or Expanded?

Start of the year we started with two counts, a preferred and alternate. The preferred view considered an intermediate top at 3.84 and Alternate considered another pending upmove before Eurron anticipated weakness comes to an end. All this early FEB 2008 view came after we got the move up from 3.08 (July 2007). The preferred [...]
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Economic busts are very strange. Though they are very fast and ruthless, one tends to hear and feel them for decades. The vibrations continue to stay in the system and the love which turns to hate rarely returns. Microsoft may be a great company, but the TECH bubble left it shaken. The stock price got [...]
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- CAPITALIZATION AND PRICE PERFORMANCE SCREEN We introduce a new numeric ranking screen for the XTR 100 stocks and sectors. The screen is based on three broad categories of market capitalization viz. small cap, mid cap and large cap. We have illustrated the capitalization categories with the weekly and monthly price performance in the annexure. [...]
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Catching up with INTEL

“U.S. antitrust prosecutors sent 15 executives from four companies to jail for price fixing of memory chips. There was a rub: The collusion failed.”, this was the article carried by Bloomberg Markets in it’s Jun 2008 issue. This is not the first time executives have gone to jail. We highlighted the Jamie Oli case on [...]
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