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Gold vs Oil - II

In a world of failing banks and historical unemployment, hedge funds are organizing more go to Jesus meetings (Bloomberg News). Conventionalism has hit a low and news is lost. However, even in these times markets continue to deliver superior returns, only that the approach is not conventional. It was using the ALTERNATIVE RESEARCH approach we [...]
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We captured the move up from OCT LOW (CYCLE II), then we wrote about THE FIRST FIVE up and this was followed by our report on sector leaders (who is leading the pack?). We said in our 06 NOV report that “A minor trend takes time to become intermediate. And an intermediate trend takes time [...]
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Conviction is a strange thing, it tests you, your determination, your home work, your skill, how individual you are and how patient you are wearing the FOOL’s CROWN. It does one more thing, it makes you extremely individual, probably alone (when you are right), screaming sell at a top and buy at a bottom. But [...]
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American market hits bottom

This is a harsh reality, but masses don’t understand cycles and the uncanny asset linkages. The fact is that we at Orpheus too are also scratching the surface. Though there are market timing models, timing the market in future with a small time window of a few days, is a skill we look up to. [...]
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We wrote about the first five on 3 NOV (THE FIRST FIVE). The BETFI is up 50% for month to date and most of the stocks and indices have registered gains. Prices have also hit initial targets on BETFI (RIGHT). Though prices could continue to extend higher, but markets have this innate ability to not [...]
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Psychology of a SELLER

Just like always it is the buyer’s psychology that gets all the attention, and when it’s time to study what goes on in the seller’s mind we have all crash and crisis news all over. There are more reasons why the thoughts of a seller rarely hit the headlines. First a buyer is more emotional [...]
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Ouch! it’s the smelter - Part II

Historical Call - It was at the FIA (Futures Industry Association) CONFERENCE on OCT 17-19 2006, Hilton Towers, Mumbai, we were asked about ZINC. For us it was a euphoric move up and unsustainable. The five wave up were complete and prices coiling up in a B wave retest back to previous highs. We saw [...]
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Who is leading the pack?

As the first week of November comes to an end, a quick check at price performances can indicate intermediate trends ahead. The stock leading the MONTH TO DATE performances was SNP. The energy major returned 25% over the period. This compared to 10% on BET suggests that the Energy Major might continue its outperformance against [...]
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The First Solar Hedge

The 140% annual gain on First Solar, a solar major, pails every other asset price performance. Vestas wind another wind major returned 62% annual gains. And this was not all, there are atleast 10 multi billion dollar alternative energy majors with barely 15-20% drops this year. This clearly highlights the alternative energy out-performance compared to [...]
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The Wall Street Macaroni

Just over a year and a half ago we mentioned in one of our articles ‘Revisiting Caritas’ the crash of Capital markets in reference to Romania, one of the four hottest emerging markets in the world. We accept that the meltdown was more brutal and faster than we thought. And we did not expect companies [...]
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