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Waves India hits 74% accuracy

If you ask a Behavioral guru to define accuracy this is what he will say. The difference in forecasted and actual is accuracy. According to fractal geometry, this is an incomplete information. It’s the degree that you are studying, which will define accuracy. Degree, meaning the time frame, multi month, multi week, multi day, multi [...]
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Orpheus Global Accuracy Report 2008

In a time of dismal performances, it’s tough taking credit for accuracy or capturing real alpha. WAVES.GLOBAL annual issue takes you through a complete year of work. The report which was started on 06 JAN 2008 started on an accurate note capturing the negative JAN (The JAN effect) and closes the year also on the [...]
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We have been waiting for this set up since OCT 2008 low. It was easy to look for a bounce from 27 OCT market low. There was historical volatilities, extreme momentum and global panic. Though choppy, we got the anticipated bounce. And what a bounce it was, gapping, sideways and slow. Prices have almost lost [...]
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These are many different qualities of crude that move in sync with each other. But despite being such a highly correlated pair, they have a cycle of performance and underperformance against each other. For example, every 6-9 months, WTM makes a cycle low against BRT. A similar cycle periodicity shows on crude prices also. In [...]
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WAVES.ROM was started in 2005 and has three historic years of Romanian markets behind it, a euphoric rise till 2007 and now a historic crash. International readers and local readers who have been with us all this while have seen us on the trend and thrown off the trend. It’s always a challenge to read [...]
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BSE METALS touch base

STEEL and ZINC have held on above previous lows. This is the kind of activity we expected after SILVER started giving leadership signals last few trading weeks. Hindustan ZINC the metals major has turned from 0.786 all time FIB and also has witnessed intermediate RSI turning above 40 (SLIDE 1). The metals complex remains at [...]
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The beauty of inversion

The first time we started inverting the charts and carrying them in WAVES.ROM, we had a mixed response from our internal analysts. Few talked about it as a specific tool, which the user may not understand. And few stood by it as a strong bias removing tool both for the user and the analyst. This [...]
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The corrective flats

FLATS are three legged structures also labeled as a-b-c. Three legged structures as opposed to five legged structures more sideways. This is why three legged structures are called counter trend, corrections or retracement of the main trend. And five legged structures on the other hand are impulsive, non overlapping and cause net movement. A classic [...]
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The Dollar Triangle

The EUR USD pair is in an ongoing TRIANGLE structure. TRIANGLE are five legged counter trend structure (a-b-c-d-e). The e leg falls around 1.305 levels. This is a turn around level for us. There are many reasons why we think the currency is an ongoing counter trend corrective structure, which is preparing to turn down [...]
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XLE vs. BRT and the OIL reversal

BRENT broke down below our anticipated supports. After prices broke down 50, the pause up was short lived. Prices are down till 37 now. This is a deeper retracement by all mean and even puts our PREFERRED (SLIDE 5) 4 circle wave view under doubt. Before we discuss any alternate scenarios, we would still like [...]
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