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73% ACCURACY on Romania!!!

Though prices have failed to bounce from OCTOBER 2008 lows, the respective calendar lows continue to stand firm on BETFI. The bottom formation is now nearly 3 months old and even if there is another impending leg down, we continue to see current levels as a classical multi month lows than otherwise. It’s keeping up [...]
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Platinum and Copper

We carried Platinum bottoming view starting Nov 2008 from near 800 levels. We expected prices to hold primary supports. Prices not only held respective levels, but also have pushed 37% higher from 2 Nov lows at 732. And if the momentum signals are to be interpreted correctly, prices could push higher till 1,100 before anything. [...]
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The December low we highlighted in WAVES.OIL continues to hold. The price movement was clock work. A 1 up, followed by 2 wave down and now the 3 wave up. (ANTICIPATED and HAPPENED – SLIDE 2). The price structure illustrated on the right is the ongoing 3 up leg, which seems ready to push back [...]
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This is what we said in our 13 OCT 2008 WAVES.GLOBAL update. “The last few trading weeks has pushed the MICROSOFT over the edge back to Dec 2000 low. Technology is an early economic sector and should underperform most sectors, barring financials and discretionary, which are part of the same early economic cycle sector. We [...]
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The True Trendline - II

We illustrated the DOW true trendline last time. Both prices and momentum turned against us since then. We have carried a detailed review on the GLOBAL INDICES in this issue regarding our PREFERRED positive view that has held on since NOV lows on DOW and OCT lows on the other global and emerging market indices. [...]
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WAVES.FOREX introduces the rupee futures today. The recently introduced emerging market currency futures, should see a wide interest, as emerging markets get back into the news. We continue to bet on the FUTURE of RUPEE. The current formation looks like a corrective to us, which should resolve lower at least on the minor time frame. [...]
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The CNXIT Kitchin

The average 3.3 year KITCHIN cycle defines cyclicality in the economic cycle, assets, stocks and indices. The reason Kitchin assumes more significance in capital markets has also to do with its periodicity. At 3.3 years, most of us who were around in 2000 have witnessed nearly two KITCHIN CYCLES. Only investors who have been in [...]
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The Tech Reversal

The scale really changes when you compare the 1 million people inhabited Cluj County with the 23 million strong Mumbai, but even then a drunkard stopping at the church gate on his way back home is a sight full of inspiration. We have religion, economics, emotion, alcohol, mathematics, patterns and cyclicality. Humans just like the [...]
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The last time we covered steel was 3 months back on 22 OCT 2008 in ‘What Happened to Steel?’. It was then we talked about the connection of steel with silver. This is what we said. “A rise on silver against gold could help industrial metals like steel. Based on intermarket pairs, we suggest a [...]
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The TRUE Trendline

We have passed nearly two months and an end of the year since our 20 NOV 2008 write up on SELLING THE TROUGH. We agree that move has been choppy and the DOW has not really made much progress, but one thing is clear, you wouldn’t have got much richer selling at DOW 7,550. The [...]
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