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The Golden X

Flexibility and patience are virtues, if timing is unclear. Market’s understanding of patterns has evolved, but we as a society are still poor in timing. This is why we rely more on patterns viz. crisis patterns, excitement patterns, fear patterns, euphoria patterns, seasonal patterns, fundamental patterns, information patterns, sales patterns, earning patterns, immigration patterns, trade [...]
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In the last WAVES.GLOBAL, we talked about seasonal weakness and the end of Feb or early Mar cycle should see lower prices. As anticipated prices are heading lower and DOW is nearing 1997 levels. Markets are always full of surprises, so the surprise for us now is not that whether DOW will reach 1997 levels [...]
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The Gold Dollar

The gold dollar was a United States dollar coin produced from 1849 to 1889. Composed of 90% pure gold, it was the smallest denomination of gold currency ever produced by the United States federal government. When the US system of coinage was originally designed there had been no plans for a gold dollar coin, but [...]
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WAVES.GLOBAL 06 Nov 2008 we said that Nov lows should hold. It is three months since then, DOW is still above respective lows at 7,500. Market does not fall under extreme negativity conditions and it does not rise despite all extreme optimism sometime. This is what extremities are about. A trader selling in NOV could [...]
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When you say ‘FIRST’ or ‘LAST’, you are already attaching 100% probability to an action. Such high probability forecasts are generally prone to error because even if ‘TIME FRACTALS’ and ‘PRICE FRACTALS’ were perfect, the human ability to see patterns and form is not. Above this market’s have an ability to surprise or markets always [...]
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Trading an Extension

Traders are excited about large and fast moves. One such move, which traders would love to trade, is called an extension. These are also known as Elliott impulse waves with exaggerated subdivisions and an ability to catch the majority of the trading community by a surprise. Identifying a beginning of an extension can be extremely [...]
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