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Volatility Index (India) breaks Mar 08 Low

What does this mean? This means that complaceny has reached an extreme and markets might be ready not to just make a multi week top, but multi month top for 2010.

The last update was done on 18 Oct . Nifty vs Vix India.
Investopedia explainsΒ VIX - CBOE Volatility Index. The first VIX, introduced by the CBOE [...]

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Channels.BVB - Late Economic Update - Momentum Special

MOMENTUM.SUMMARY: TRANSGAZ DAILY (TGN) ANTICIPATED AND HAPPENED ROC momentum remains above zero line and price action remains positive. CARBOCHIM WEEKLY (CBC) Momentum moves above the zero line confirming the price. Minor trend becomes positive. TRANSELECTRICA DAILY (TEL) As anticipated momentum and price action continue to remains positive suggesting further upside. PETROL EXPORTIMPORT WEEKLY [...]

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Channels.India - Late economic performance cycles

SUMMARY: ONGC DAILY Above key 1,240 we continue to look higher till key 1,280 in the third leg up. RELI DAILY We have the same corrective structure up on RELI. Key resistances lie at 1,200 levels. ACC DAILY Above key 1,125 levels we continue to look higher in the 3/C wave up. Performance cycles continue [...]

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