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Channels.India - Mid economic anticipated and happened cases

SUMMARY: IDEA DAILY (IDEA) We need a clear break above key 62 levels to look for further upside. BHARTI DAILY (BRTI) The current sideways action should end soon as the third leg up unfolds. Key levels lie at 347. MAHANAGAR DAILY (MTNL) Anticipated and happened The third wave up continues to extend higher to key [...]

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Waves.India does it again, delivers 79% accuracy

This is the third year in a row we have delivered above 70% accuracy. After we got the Mar 09 low, Tech Reversal, BSE metals buy, buy despite terror attacks, 79% accuracy should not surprise. Moreover, the move up from Mar 09 low till May 09 high was one way. We admit that the move [...]

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Volatility and sleeping markets

Question: Are American and Indian markets sleeping?
Answer: Yes they are because in the last 20 days indices have moved a marginal 1%.
Question: How can we define sleeping markets statistically and psychologically?
Answer: Low volatility is a statistical way to explain the lackluster nature of the market. Low volatility is seen across global equity today. Low volatility [...]

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Waves.Romania - BRD anticipated and happened

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WAVES.ROM is a perspective product published on TUESDAY’S and THURSDAY’S. The report highlights Romanian Stock Market top three Equity Indices viz. the top ten blue chip BET Index (.BETI), BET Composite (.BETC), the Financial Index BETFI (.BETFI) and the local currency RON (EURRON=, RON=). The products [...]

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