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Orpheus wishes all it’s Indian members Happy HOLI

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Ranking the Emirates

Numerically ranking assets and indices in the UAE equity universe illustrates future outperformers. Emotional Rankings Comparisons can get controversial. But let’s face it we are on the mean street, market values every asset and index with a traded tick. So why get so touchy about the fact that the asset we love is low or [...]
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Ticks.Global - GBPUSD 1.5 is in

TICKS.GLOBAL covers DOW, GOLD, SILVER, OIL, EURUSD, DAX and other global assets and futures on an Intra day basis. The reports are published through a self refreshing webpage. TICKS.GLOBAL is a web based service it is only available through the Orpheus Site. The best part, it is running free now. To access the report click [...]
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Member’s Post - Inverted head and shoulder Nifty (India)

In the current scenario Nifty is forming an inverse H&S near the support of 200-SMA, which means that if Nifty manages to hold the recent low of 4675 and breaks above the neckline valued at 4930, a rally of 1000 odd points in Nifty from thereon within a quarter or two will not surprise me. [...]
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The Orpheus Newsletter - 26 Feb 2010

The sugar decay Shorting sugar really or metaphorically is possible and healthy. My wife kept us off excess sugar. We stopped ‘juicing’ (drinking sweetened beverages) a few years back, stopped putting loads of sugar tea spoons in our regular cup of coffee or tea and learnt to share a chocolate bar in a week. Can [...]
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Channels.Bvb - Late Econimic Update - Japanese Candlestick

Login for member’s area here. CHANNELS.BVB is our second perspective product published on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY. The report uses conventional technical tools and focuses on stocks more than Indices. The report illustrates key price levels, price targets, price projections and time turn windows. WAVES.ROM and CHANNELS.ROM are bundled together as PERSPECTIVE products. Unlike [...]
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Member’s post - Nifty Vix

Attached is the chart of India Vix which clearly shows that rise in volatility from the bottom around 20 levels till 32 is clearly a five wave advanced. And recent drop in Volatility is the expanded flat a-b-c, which is wave 2 or wave B, which is the current state of the market showing narrow [...]
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Channels.India - Late economic performance cycles

GRASIM DAILY Prices retest trend channel supports. A clear break here would push prices lower till key 2,500 levels or even lower. Performance cycles are topping. Grasim is the top potential underperformer stock for the weeks ahead. ACC DAILY Prices seem to be in an a-b-c corrective structure down which could push lower till psychological [...]
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Waves.Forex - EUR/USD: Below 1.35 prices could have a free fall till 1.25

WAVES.FOREX is a perspective product published TUE and THU. The report highlights the top traded FOREX PAIRS (e.g. Euro, Dollar, Yen, Indian Rupee, Romanian Lei, Swiss Franc and Dollar Index) The product highlights Primary (Multi Month) and Intermediate (Multi Week) price trends. The report illustrates key price levels, price targets, price projections and time turn [...]
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Waves.Rom - Transelectrica. Above 15 we continue to look higher till 20.

To access member’s area or Orpheus estore click here. WAVES.ROM is a perspective product published on TUESDAY’S and THURSDAY’S. The report highlights Romanian Stock Market top three Equity Indices viz. the top ten blue chip BET Index (.BETI), BET Composite (.BETC), the Financial Index BETFI (.BETFI) and the local currency RON (EURRON=, RON=). The products [...]
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